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    i play Mono Thunder for some Years now, but somehow its Legends seem weak und i dont know how to win in the League. I saw many Kirnas in action und as GK she is barly better than a 4 Star player, on the other Hand there is Miri who still kills everything. What kind of Balancing is that? In term of Skills, Thunder seems so much weaker than WW. Or is it just me? Any suggestions to how a good Mono Thunder Team looks like, even without those new Legends? Und what Stones should I use?

    Thank You.

    P.S. English isnt my mother tongue, so sorry if there are any mistakes.

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    you can ask your question on reddit if you want more answers
    I think you should drop Freja, Cashlove, Askeladd, Felix and maybe Yang if you want to go further in PvP and replace Raklet with Kirna.
    front same
    mid ???, Bell, Lynia
    back Vanity, Nerua, Altair, Faust(support)
    where ??? can be Beta, Iggy, Ainy, Yang or you can get Queen after she becomes Classic. I would recommend that you get her.
    Ultimately Kirna is Cr and made to take hits, so you want a sturdy backline that gives her plenty of HP, DR, CR, Defense. Her shield can be especially annoying, but can be dispelled by Curod.