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My Light Ardor team need yours advises

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  • My Light Ardor team need yours advises

    I play soccer spirits since 3 month in f2p, and i try to build a team ardor light, and for the moment Gaphyl like ace.
    My current team is:

    Elaine - Sam - Renee

    Yuri - Sylla - Gaphyl

    Chundo - Garriott - Hyang Ran - Lois


    My others players 5* or more:
    Ardor: Angela, Acid, Jean, Garam, Wonnie, Bora
    Light: Hiro, Ellatrice, Kei
    Whirlwind: Xing, Elchitusa, Black Turtle, Linmay, Queen Meiran
    Thunder: Nerua, Valerie, Z001 Veronica, Griffith, MM93 Ainy
    Dark: Pang, Black Horns, Armel, Modora, Nevantos, Mephitra, Gigerfelt, Shura

    Well, i have some questions:
    1- Wich players should i keep for the moment?
    2- What are the players totally useless?
    3- What are the attributes of the players to take into account?
    4- Wich are the stones of mind to privilege on the players by post?

    Thank you in advance for yours advice, an sorry for my english, i'm french.
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    1. All of them.
    2. 4 stars and below. But you need at least 1 copy of every player for chains and CoT stage where only 4 stars and below can participate.
    3. Do not understand the question. what attributes?
    4. Stones is the last thing you should be worried about. Since your account is only 3 months old and you still use Sam as your striker then you shouldn't worry about stones for now.

    First, front:
    Kyoko / Yong Hee / Renee OR Sakiel / Yong Hee (or Curod) / Ellatrice

    Renee doesn't work with Light that good, she is exclusive Ardor passer. So you would need to scout Sakiel if you choose to go for Light.
    Yong Hee or Curod is must have for front. They offer really useful abilities just work in a different way.

    Second, mid:
    Yuri / Silla / ( Wonny or Jean )
    You need an Interceptor in mid and that is Happy or Wonny. But Jean is one of the best units for PvE so it is better to start building him early.

    I would recommend to replace Hyang Ran with someone else. She is CDR and the rest of your back CR. She is out of place there.
    Taehoon can be replaced with Kei for active block. Then you can replace Hyang Ran with Virgil and Sam with Ellatrice and go for Light front.
    But then again you can leave him be and replace Hyang Ran with Kevin and go for Ardor front instead.
    Or you can go with 3 back and 4 mid for now.


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      Thank you really, today, i draw Curod special training

      If i understand, i must scout Yong Hee, Sakiel,Kyoko and one other defender.
      I can build one front lane full ardor, one full light and one mixed.
      Why Gaphyl can't play in midlane or backlane?
      I don't understand the chain's importance.