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Should I release everyone to get Yowu to upgrade my main team

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  • Should I release everyone to get Yowu to upgrade my main team

    Basically, to keep it short, I use only thunder player and I got to the point where I only use a handful of player maybe switch for one here and there but at the end I use the same people. Now I just got Queen 10 mins ago which make me have every single 6* thunder player now seeing that all my 5* players are +30 and my 6* aren't I am thinking of raindowing every non player I don't use and release every 5* card I have which is basically almost every 5* (except maybe about 8 of them) so I can get Yowu to start +1ing the 6*

    My reasoning is that since I got all the legends for thunder which is what I always use I don't need to do chains anymore so I should sell everyone since they aren't needed (other color 6* are excluded since who would do that lol) However should I do it tho like yes I would get a ton of Yowu and then combined them to make them able to be used for my 6*s. Also I did almost every chain already maybe like 90% are done except ones that need superb bosses either i forget they are there or to lazy to get

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    As far as I'm concerned, I always one copy since you might find some uses for some of them and you never really know. With that new storage I think it's not a bad idea to put all those players there and release everything else.