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Mono WW or WW/Dark

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  • Com2uS_Nyan
    Hi there!

    I think having WW/Dark is stronger overall. Gerrard and Pufen do not benefit your team, however. Here is my suggestion:

    Milena (Ace)/Krishna (Support)/Beetie/Khalid
    Black Tortoise

    Kiera and Beetie are new star players, but this is meant more for a team to work toward.
    While a 4 front is nice, I think your biggest struggle will be making sure BT survives, while Cypher can do okay with just 3 front. Though, if you feel confident, you can switch so instead of Krishna you could put Armel. The backline doesn't bring the most defensively, but along with Milena ace, each unit here is focused on moving fast and stealing from the enemy to prevent shots.

    Hope this helps.
    Let me know if you have any questions.

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  • AriyNap
    started a topic Mono WW or WW/Dark

    Mono WW or WW/Dark

    Hello everyone!

    I've been playing for awhile and I finally finished my mono-WW team, however I get jacked up whenever I face a mono-Ardor team. But recently I rolled a Cypher from a multi-roll, which is really convenient because I was looking to make a WW/Dark team. I need any suggestions for my WW team or my WW/Dark team. I don't spend a lot of money on this game so getting any legendary is just a pity roll that RNJesus gives me.

    WW Team
    Elchitusa (Ace) Ernesto Shanti
    Lai Gayle Xing Khirel
    Miho Enthia Rune Nodhile Magnus
    Black Tortoise Evylin (Front line)
    Cypher Baltheon Elchitusa
    Khirel Xing Gerrard
    Saramir (Ace) Pufen Magnus
    Black Tortoise Ernesto (Front line)
    Thank you!