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Go for Mono WW, Ardor/WW, Ardor/Dark, WW/Dark? SEND HELP ;-;

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  • Go for Mono WW, Ardor/WW, Ardor/Dark, WW/Dark? SEND HELP ;-;

    Hey people, looking for a team advice/help since im a noob. at the moment im just rolling with a mono WW team but I feel like it sucks.

    So since i cant upload images of players i have i'll just list the players i have that are usable.

    Current team Mono WW:
    ernesto evylin Shanti
    Silk neraizel vivid fear
    khalid rudiel magnus
    jin saramir (support)

    A garbage ardor/dark team:
    Nari Vitos Elaine
    Victoria Shu Kiera
    Pinol Patricia Lindberg
    Zibroi Modora (support)
    Other Legendary Players: William , Jibril
    Other 5* Players: Chundo, Kyoko, Lia, Roina, gaphyl, Death Queen, Kevin, Lucian, Leo, Jean, Kyosuke, Yuri, Sharr, Micki, Jacob
    Irre, Grandeur, Xing, Elchitusa, Zhen long, Miho, Meiran, Kiki, Kirin, Jade Rashaksa, Kura, Lai gayle, Nono, Darin, Cow Demon queen, Irru, Linmay.
    Vanity, Nikita, Ariel, Altair, nerua, Ainy, Chrono.
    Mikael, Crocell, Hyang ran, celus, sammy, Milky way, Sky
    Malcolm, Krishna, Hamerus, Jheet, Asakura, black daisy, verister, Damien

    Sorry for the yucky post, cant upload images idk why . But anyway any input/advice/suggestion is greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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    As a general advice (because you said your were noob so it will help you later as well), when you are building your team, either for PvE or PvP, try to ask yourself what are your key players. Here in your case, you have a traditionnal PvP team. Your key players are your Striker, your Goalkeeper, and eventually your CM.

    Now what you should ask yourself is what are your key players' strength and weaknesses. For example, Shanti has a decent critical rate, AP, but lacks critical damage outside of her active and her penetration is a bit low (still better than some strikers who have no penetration at all). I would rather pair her with Elchi and Evylin than Ernesto and Evylin.
    Jin is a critical resistance GK with high DR, he is well rounded and so, to support him, I think focusing on CR and HP (and maybe pen resistance if it's possible) is the best option. Thus, I would replace Rudiel with Silk. Then, CDQ, Jade or Lai Gayle seem to be common options in the mid.

    For a dual Ardor/Dark, I would suggest this :

    Melisa - Renee - William
    Victoria - Kyosuke/Shu - Kiera
    Rosie - Patricia - Lindberg - Modora

    You don't have all of these players but I'm sure you will get them at some point (there are just 5 star after all).

    For an Ardor/Whirlwind team :

    Melisa - Renee - William
    Victoria - Neraizel - Vivid Fear
    Kevin - Khalid - Chundo - Silk