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Mono Thunder OR Thunder + Dark - Team -- Thoughts

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  • Mono Thunder OR Thunder + Dark - Team -- Thoughts

    Hi Guys - I've been playing this game for 3 years. On and off but now return on force since I've got more time.

    My current team is

    Shura (60) + Elaine (60) + Ravian (70)
    Victoria (60) + Metraton (70) + Lynia (70)
    Alice (70) + Bell (70) + Duran (70)
    Kirna (70) - and helper Altair (60).

    I've been encountering problems in -colloseum despair best was 36 and colloseum of infinity is 35.
    In the Galaxy best was around 1600.

    But I've got some good players lately and so I am remodeling the team... I've got most dark and thunder players. The only extra legendary I've got is Leventor currently raising him to level 70.

    So my goal is either mono thunder OR dark thunder.
    My other 60 are Ariel, Luka, Freyja, Nerua, Guinevere, Oppai Luka, Cynthia, Hildegard & Vanity. But bear in mind that I've got them all (no other legendaries except as I mention Leventor).

    Or should I go dual colour to keep Ravian (my fav striker) plus alice and metraton? You can also add that I've got most dark players as well. Level 60 only Jeunesse, and Avnore.

    Really appreciate your time on this.

    Thank you

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    To me, you're already on the road of either MonoThunder or mainly Thunder and some Dark players in your team. Most of your invested players are Thunder, and you can set Kirna's most used backline, which is Nerua - Altair - Vanity - X. Then your mid could be Freyja - Bell - Ariel, and you can have a Luka - Veronica/Karpila - Leventor front.

    If you want to keep Ravian because she's your favorite striker (and that's a very good reason in my opinion), you can go Thunder/Dark with Ariel's Ace for example :

    Shura - Armel - Metatron - Ravian

    Ariel - Bell - Alice

    Vanity - Nerua - Altair


    If he sees this post, Densuo will be able to give you more advices since he's a Thunder specialist. Good luck ~
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      Thank you for your reply.
      I am going to aim for both those two teams.

      Must level up Amel (for the mix team) and Karpila for the other one.
      Then go from there...

      Btw, I have almost 900 DS. Probably more two months. Who should I get? Felix, Baltheon, Askelad, Serestria?)


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        If I were to give a recommendation, Serestia would be the best choice out of those. She can serve as CM (you can move Bell) and replace Alice as her passives are better/easier to use. She also has great uses in PvE that can't be as replaced (compared to the other legend choices).