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    I recently got back into the game and need help with assembling a team, was thinking of having either a rainbow or ardor/light team. If someone could help that'll be great, cos honestly I have no clue on how to assemble my own team after 3 years of not playing.

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    Welcome back ! That's quite a long hiatus. A lot changed in 3 years in terms of meta or mechanics, so here are the most important things (IMO) that you have to keep in mind :

    Reflexes : the probability to counter attack is now capped at 50% (65% before if I remember well), which corresponds to a difference of 500 in reflexes between the attacking player and the defending player. Players that have the attacker role are immune to CA when penetrating (it's still possible to CA an attacker who's just holding the ball). Thus, reflex mid is a bit outdated, there are also more CAR sources. Reflexes also increase with levels instead of decreasing. When you play in PvE, be careful of the reflex gap when you want to hold the ball with your GK.

    Action Bar manipulation : action bar recovery from passive skill won't go over 80% of the action bar, MilkyWay's Music Start doesn't stack with Kevin's Quick start. Only action bar recovery from active skills (Beth's active, healers', Uriel's) can fill the action bar over the 80% mark. Action bar won't go below 20% from passive skills that steal or damage the action bar, only blocks can make an action bar to decrease from 20% to 0%. No infinite turns anymore.

    Action Speed : a player's action speed is capped between 50% to 200% of his AS so... You can forget 300AS Vonchi.

    Critical Damage Resistance : it's a new stat (though it's been there for a while now but it didn't existed) that negates critical damage. For example, if your striker has 150% critical damage and the enemy GK has 100% CDR, it's as if you had only 50% critical damage, which means having the same amount of critical damage than the enemy GK is the same as not critting at all. Though, most CDR sources for now are 6* but they are starting to release more 5* with a CDR totem or active so hopefully, it will be less of a luxury in the future.

    Penetration resistance : new stat as well, that negates penetration. Although penetration won't go over 100% when looking at a player's stats, it's not capped. You can for aim 150% pen if you need it.

    PvP's Supergravity : at the start of a PvP match, HP recovery skills (passives or active) effectiveness is cut by half, and every 3 minutes, their effectiveness goes down a little more, until it's completely reduced to 0 after 36 minutes. Light have a lot of healing sources but you can't use them here, passives that damages HP are more effective, like Serestia's Dark Rose Garden.

    There are new game modes so check them out (don't try Live PvP though unless you are playing with a friend) ~

    As for your team composition, this is what I suggest for Light/Ardor :

    Silla MilkyWay Vonchi
    Victoria Lia VBeth
    Kevin BlackIvy Mikael Virgil

    Kei has a rival chain with Virgil and MW and Vonchi chain together so if you can complete them, that would benefit them. Ace would probably MilkyWay since she's the only one with a L/A Ace.