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  • Ardor/Light Team Build Help

    I'm planning on making an ardor/light team but I'm not sure yet on who my players should be.

    For ardor I only have Elaine, Gaphyl and Erica.
    And for light I have Sammy, Duke, Leah, Milky Way, Virgil, and Hyang Ran

    I haven't found a good striker so in the meantime I'm still using Noa.
    I don't have a goalkeeper as well but Angela showed up in my '5 Star Player I Choose You' event and I was wondering if I should get her.
    I don't have any good assist as well but I have enough GP to scout two 5*players.

    Any idea who I should scout for? For both assist and striker.
    Also if I should get Angela?

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    Kyoko/sharr would be your best options I think... but sharr is a little f.ked on that meta. Maybe when it shift she will be good again. Don't know. For an ardor front line renee. And if light idk. You have some good 5* players but have in mind that if you go for angela, she nearly needs a full ardor backlane to be usefull.

    Something like:
    assist - elaine - striker

    Duke - sammy - milky

    DQ* - Graphyl - Kevin* (supp)

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