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GK/ GK UQ Stone Advice?

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  • GK/ GK UQ Stone Advice?

    Alright, my current GK is a 100% maxed Angela. I have Jiho in my def, and Angela's current UQ is Star's tears. I figured with Jiho adding more CDR, maybe it would be a good idea to revert the thunder slot for dark to use PC, but I'm hesitating.

    Having a lot of CDR is a pain in the butt (I've fought a 125% CDR Robin whose team I lost to), so I was wondering if CDR is a better investment than Star's Tears.

    After switching to PC, Angela's total CDR would be 80% with Jiho before her ace (if I so choose). In combination with Kevin and Altair, I think this would be pretty nasty.

    Anyone have thoughts on this?

    P.S. I have Glayde 6* 4 SPU. I was going to switch to her, but if I can make Angela sustainable or better than Glayde, I'd like to explore that first. I'm open to any suggestions.

    Thanks in advance!

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    CDR is very good if you can't stack CR reliably, but I used to see Angela built with penetration resistance which made her really annoying to deal with if the striker didn't have DI or tons of pen. Not sure about now since Pen Ace and DI are pretty common so CDR might be the way to go ?


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      Angela used to be op with pen rez when combined with a duran but with the rise of the pen aces and the lose or pen rez in her kit that era is over who is why she now considered a bad gk.

      Now CRD rez is very powerful in comps were you dont care about crit rez at all and insted go for stronger totems back the meta for this is jiho(ace) duran shaman magnus Gk(El rapayon)

      I run that except no duran and can tell you that except for vonchis, miri and sob you will stop noticing crit all together

      Critical damidge restistance is more a rainbow/legend game but First key point if you want CDR unique the only good one is El Rapayon since it gives dr self heal and CRD while Clockwork is considered bad since both skills got to do with crit damidge rez so contradict themselves.

      Glade meta line is the jiho(ace) duran/askelad nerua magnus line and an ivy mid who will be MUCH tankyer then the angela line even if you were to max build what we proposing since glade is broken in end game everyone is either runing glade or presti so ya.


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        I recently got a Presty. What would you suggest for a def with her?

        Friendship chain(40% def) includes Black Horns, Meiran and Guinevere. Affection (20% HP) for Patricia, Alice and Malcolm.