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Need help on selecting 5* pick ticket with my team

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  • Need help on selecting 5* pick ticket with my team

    I have: Damien, Crocell, Beatrice, Magnus, Griffith, Orses, Asakura, Jeunese, Anael, Sky, Muspel, Death queen, Ustiel, Irre, Enthia, Swimsuit Qiyou, Princess meiran, Altair, guinevere, ZXXI igrit, Gaphyl, Renee, Erica, Sage, Lucius, Kyoko, Ronia, Bora x 2, Yuri
    Right now I am using:
    Iggy, silica, BT, Viros, Zhen long, Malcom, Silk, Lucian, bell, duran

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    There is no way we can help you. Just pick something strong as new star, Glayde / Pinol / Chundo


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      my suggestion is to get a new card that in line with your element focus. since you are on dark-wind path go for the sadistic succubus , lai gayle, pinol, or elchitusa. slightly not recommending the new character that has been staying for a while though like xing or pinol. because sooner or later they'll become a classic star that can be drawn from scout or boxes. So aim for the newer cards


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        Chundo is funny pick him!