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Need Help Choosing an Ardor Hybrid

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  • Need Help Choosing an Ardor Hybrid

    So as the topic implies, I'm a very Ardor based team. My only two legends are Baltheon and Shu. I have enough GP to scout someone now, but I'm unsure of who I should scout right now.

    I had Orses a while ago, but I fed her and regret it. I also fed Virgil fairly recently as well since I never used him. But now, they are both in scout and open opportunity for really strong comps.

    Ardor/Dark and Ardor/Light are my two team options.

    Here's the base team comp of both duos before support player:

    Elaine - Baltheon - Bora
    Victoria - (Idk who should, but Lia is there for now) - Lilith/Alice
    Kevin - Shu - Orses - (Pinol/Lilith)


    Baltheon - MW - Bora
    Victoria - Shu - Gaphyl
    Kevin - Virgil -(Daymes) - Black Ivy

    First team is great for punching through the line and limiting the enemy's damage while doing a lot to them. The second one is great for heals, HP and tankyness with Black Ivy's crit res. The second team also allows me to utilize Shu's crazy reflex to the max and KO anyone trying to pen or steal from him.

    Going with an A/D comp opens the door for me to try and get Metatron which would be fantastic for heals. However, I could also lock Virgil unti I MAYBE find Vonchi in the current rotation. Even Beth would be helpful.

    So the 3 choices I'm left with are:
    1. Scout Orses.

    2.Scout Virgil

    3. Keep either one locked and try to find Vonchi/Beth before reset.

    What is my best option?
    I have an EE Littre coming soon so keep in mind that I can 3 SPU whoever I go with right off the bat. I also have a few UQs that are ready to be switched around with whoever I go with.

    Thanks in advance!

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    1. Orses can be a good choice for your team
    2. Virgil is now medium player scouting him is bad option... many players already bench him
    3. too late for that and you need good rng for that

    fo team:
    Elaine - Baltheon - Bora
    Victoria -Lia - Shu
    Kevin - Gaphyl - DQ-Orses

    for example this can be your team....

    try to find elaine if you want mono ardor and sage if he get solid EE in future...
    ofc for mono ardor dont forget renee...


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      PS: where is yuri????