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    Hi guys, I have a mono-thunder team that is consistent against all teams except mono ww. I am considering to go mono ardor to counter mono ww.

    My secondary drafted team will be:

    Kyoko - Elaine - Renee
    Sue - Lia - Victoria
    Jiho - Kevin - Gaphyl - Death Queen

    I'm closing in on 900DS and considering either Shu or Serestia. I'm more inclined to go for Shu since he can help out in CoT and to replace Death Queen. Any proposed changes to my mono-ardor? I am also considering to infuse some of my current legends in the mono ardor team.

    Current legends: Leventor, Bell, William, Askeladd, Jiho and Baltheon

    Any advice is appreicated. Thanks for taking your time to read and comment.

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    Mono Ardor can't counter mono WW.


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      Joke out, front and back seems ok, Idk about mid, since you have 900 DS and you're aiming something in particular, i'd choose Choi for mid (personnal preference). And i would go like that:

      Kyoko/William(WoM) - Elaine - Renee
      Victoria - Choi/Shu - Roina/Erica
      Jiho - Kevin - Gaphyl - Death Queen

      I fill like Lia is too weak even against mono WW to be played :/


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        As someone who runs Mono Ardor my honest opinion is that if you're looking to mainly counter WW teams then you're better off going rainbow. WW is incredibly well equipped to deal with Ardor.