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  • Metagame?

    Hello all.
    I would like to ask if would be convenient to change beth over any attacker, seeing that leaders are no longer what used to be, and attackers got a buff. Also i would like to hear if I should make changes on team overall.

    shura - elaine (ace) - ravian/sharr

    victoria - Metatron - Beth (Dale?)

    Magnus - Miho - Kiki

    Zibroi (support - Bell)

    My team has currently 13,5k TA with managers and 11,6k on clan matches. Nearly everything powered up (obviously some units need SPU). I switch sharr and ravian depending on enemy goalkeeper or if i go for 2HKO or long game. Zibroi is the only goalie I´ve powered up and anglea is in the process but she needs lots of units around her that i didn´t invested in. Magnus I think is a must against all that sharr/william overall and prevent mono thunder to 1HKO. Miho does his job and I need Bell to penetrate cause I lack something better. Kiki is maybe a nonfactor but provides a huge amount of HP. There are better options maybe, but IDK which ones should I try. Ty for your time