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Returning Player - Need help making a reliable hybrid Ardor/WW team.

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  • Returning Player - Need help making a reliable hybrid Ardor/WW team.

    Hello, I just recently returned to SS after almost a years break, so naturally I am unfamiliar with all the new updates and how each player might have changed. So before the break I took, I ran a Hybrid Ardor/WW team that I really enjoyed, but obviously it just doesn't do the job anymore. So I'll post what Ardor and WW players I have, as well as the other Elements if you want to include an off-colour, and I'll ask if somebody could make the best Ardor/WW team they can from it. I'll also ask if you can tell me what players I should be scouting for to improve my team, like I have Lucian at the moment since he was Really Strong almost a year ago, but I see now that Angela is a better option so I should probably scout her? Anyways, on to the players...

    Ardor - William, Lia, Nari, Lucian, Victoria, Yuri, Kevin, Gaphyl, Death Queen, Renee, Erica

    WW - Linmay, Kiki, Magnus, Saramir, Neraizel, Elizabeth, Miho

    Thunder - Nerua, Jury

    Light - Sammy, Duke, Hiro, Sky, Dynames, Rasiel

    Dark - Black Daisy, Orses, Alkyde, Fontus, Malcolm, Lynbell

    Thanks in advance for the help and please let me know who I should scout for.

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    I donĀ“t know what others though or your preferences but looking into your options, scouting angela, elaine and milyway, you could have a pretty awesome light/ardor team. Backline full ardor. Maybe only 2 scouts if you run milky, renne william front. But my opinion on your cards. smtng like:

    william - elaine - renee
    vic - duke -lia(sammy) - milkyway
    kevin - graphyl - death queen

    Other option is full ardor, at the moment its pretty good seeing all the ww teams everywhere.
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      Minus Elaine and Angela you have my exact mono Ardor team.

      William - Elaine - Renee
      Victoria - Lia - Yuri - Erica
      Kevin - Gaphyl - Death Queen

      It might be worth building a mono ardor team just for PVP for you since William's ACE Burst is pretty powerful.


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        Thanks for the responses guys, I'll definitely take both options into account. I wasn't aware of this ace burst thih before as it's new. So maybe a Mono Ardor might be a good idea to try that out. Thanks again.


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          My list is the following:

          Kiki, Naru, Erica, Rasiel
          Sky, Rasiel, Dynames,
          Sammy, Duke, Hiro, Sky
          I love when my issues are solved