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Damage reduction vs Critical resistance

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  • Damage reduction vs Critical resistance

    With the new buff to GK's I've hit a fork in the road. Now in pvp matches I can either stack 174% Crit resistance and 201%hp


    I can stack 125% (180% against Dark and 130% against Thunder) Damage resistance and 145%hp

    I've been trying to test it in Galaxy but I haven't found anyone strong enough yet to test it on, and there's no place to test it under the same conditions so I decided to bring it here since I don't know the exact calculations for DR and CR, which sounds better to ensure GK survival?
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    174% cr is not that effective past gold league.
    And Dcr probably doesn't stack the way you think it does, also it caps at 89%. It's also multiplicitave, not additive.
    For the most part, dcr > cr because it's almost impossible to build enough CR to reliably avoid crits in higher tiers (about the only GKs who can is Black Tort or Irre, I've seen some Jins do it as well though) but you're basically lookin at around at least 260% cr for that. Which is pretty damn hard. (Avoiding subs, BT gets 70% with active on, plus a possible 69% flat from stones, for 139% natural, not including team support or stone substats, with full Silk stacks plus active she can get 234% so that's close to reliable and also leaves room for 3 other dcr or cr totems)

    But essentially dcr is easier to build and is usually more useful anyways for most GKs.


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      Thanks a lot for your input, I'll try it out for a while

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    Here is the damage formula:

    There is also no cap for DR, you can go much higher than 89%. I have seen over 95% DR. But considering how the DR formula works, it is very hard to have DR values that are higher.
    Generally speaking, DR is better for survival, unless you can stack a pretty good amount of CR.
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