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  • Just Came Back, Updating Team

    I have a lot of 5/6 stars spread out over basically all the elements, but Ardor, Whirlwind, and Dark are definitely my strongest. I came back to the game for the update, so I don't really know how I should go about this.

    Here's Who I Have:
    Ardor: Lucian, Tyler, Jean, Kevin, Erica, Death Queen, Renee, Elaine

    Whirlwind: Khirel, Linmay, Vermilion Bird, Elizabeth, Neraziel, Rudiel, Vivid Fear

    Thunder: Lynia, Guinevere, Hildegard, ZUXX Robin

    Light: Isillia, Anael, Milky Way

    Dark: Vitos, Baltheon, Lynbell, Dale, Asakura, Avnore, Shura, Alkyde

    Three questions -

    1. What's the best team I can make?

    2. Who should I try to evolve/superb/power up first?

    3. What other players should I be on the lookout for?
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    1. With Vitos as the only striker I see there, it's pretty tough making a formation with that...Maybe:

    Renee/Baltheon - Shura(Support) - Elaine (Ace) - Vitos
    Anael - Neraizel - Vermilion Bird
    Kevin - Avnore - Death Queen
    Lucian (GK)
    2. Usually SPU/Evolve your GK or your striker first.

    3. Since that midline is clearly off attribute, you gotta hunt for Victoria, Metatron, and either Choi or Shu as the linebreaker. I've seen so many Vic-Meta-Penatrator midlines and they destroy everyone.

    4. There is a possibility that you can go Dark/WW too.

    Neraizel - Baltheon - Shura (Support) - Vitos
    VF (Ace) - Linmay - VB
    Avnore - Khirel - Rudiel

    Since you don't have a GK for Dark/WW, you gotta find either Irre, Jin, or Presty for your GK and Meta for your midline too. Aiolos if you do get Presty. Otherwise, stick with Dark/Ardor.


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      Short of a striker, you have everything you need for Ardor/WW
      Vivid Fear-Neraizel-Linmay
      Kevin-Khirel-Death Queen-Erica (supp)
      Lucian (Ace)

      So you could use this formation with Vitos plug (or use Sam/Noa) until you get Sharr, Willy, Shanti, Irru, Bora.. etc.

      If you're looking at rainbow, your best overall team option of just stuff you currently have, it would be something like

      Baltheon-Elaine (Ace)-Vitos
      Kevin-Khirel-Death Queen-Milky Way/Erica(Sup)

      Frontline is very good in this case, midline is pretty solid, and backline is semi-defensive with Khirel as linebreaker. Khirel or Lucian or Death Queen can.also serve as Ace on this team.

      As for who to invest in first, it depends on what direction you want the team to go, but if you're using anything with some sort of Ardor in it, Elaine is a smart investment. Usually you want your investment order as Striker-Goalie-CM-front totem/assist, but as you dont have current permanent options for the first 3, skipping to 4 is the best choice.
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