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Want some advice on where to go.

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  • Want some advice on where to go.

    Hi everyone! I came back from a year long break because of the rewards and mayor rebalance of the game.

    I'm a rank 68 player currently relearning the game and I'm at lost on where to focus.

    My notable units as of right now are:

    Ardor: Jean, Tyler, Bora

    WW: Qiyou, Irre, Silk, Enthia, Linmay, Kiki, Princess Meiran

    Thunder: Butcher, Blade, Bell, Nerua, Hilde, Raklet, Cynthia, Eden*

    Light: Hiro, Chitose, Skorn, Sammy, Silla

    Dark: Verister, Dale, Pinol, Asakura, Avnore, Malcolm

    I was thinking on mono thunder, but I don't know what units I should be looking for in scouting (also have Kevin right now on scout locked for now).

    Anyone minds giving me some advice? Thanks in advance!

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    You don't really have pieces for a mono team of any color, but you could have a decent-ish ww-thunder ft. Silla.
    Blade-Linmay-Silla (Ace)


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      As bobk said, you don't really have the players to go mono, but if I were to build a mono thunder team it would look like this (modified)

      Blade - Luka/Karpila - Veronica
      Lynia - Jury/Bell - Freyja
      Bell/Altair - Nerua - Nikita
      Raklet (though I'd switch for Nute w/Ace)

      Support - Cynthia


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        If you want an end game goal to look at, how I would propose a mono thunder would be

        Vann - Veronica - Karpilla
        Freyja - Bell - Lynia - Iggy
        Nikita - Askeladd - Nerua

        Ace - Karpilla/Nerua

        You can use Leventor or Griffith if you prefer OHKO Striker. I find Iggy more stable than Cynthia but if you want global slow then Cynthia. Vann is pretty solid now. Karpilla, Askeladd, Freyja are strong pve choices, Iggy too if you use her for crit buff but there are other choices like Meiran. Mono thunder would give you headache though since its a do or die formation. Safer choices are Ardor and WW, Light is solid if you hv the legends while Dark pretty much is the go to flavour right now if you have Presty.


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          To endgame: Irre, Silk, Linmay, Kiki, Princess Meiran is your kei players.... focus on them and go mono WW.... find Kirin or Shanti as a striker... BB try to make mono team stronger and mono WW is already OP so even whitout legend.... but your legend is bell so that is bad for you... second option is mono thunder but it is weaker than mono WW...