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  • Second Goalkeeper

    At this time, my Team is quite acceptable so I´m thinking on starting to build up the second striker and GK. I want a sharr absolutely, so the question is: I have now an Angela and a Lucian both with 1 SPU, lvl 50 and EE. Which schould i Max up?? I´m quite confused cause in this Meta, Angela seems a little better at the moment, but with the high amount of people complaining about her, she would likely get a nerf, so which one of them should I work in??
    Sorry for my bad english.

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    Even a somewhat nerfed Angela would be better than Lucian is now. Who are your primary GK and striker?


    • nehes
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      ravian and zibroi cause i have had them since beginning und work pretty good in PVE till now.

    • bobk
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      Ok then from a pve standpoint Zibroi is already better than either of the other 2, so go Angela for pvp gk. Ravian and Sharr both struggle with isilla pvp-wise but Sharr is still moderately better in most cases. Ravian will handle her and Angela better, Sharr will handle Tort, Jin, and Raklett/Robin better.

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    PvP? PvE?

    for PvE.. maybe Zibroi is still the best GK.
    PvP.. if you can stand RObin's voice.. maybe he is the next Op GK.

    don't quote me though....


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      I think Zibory is pretty OP in PVE... one of the best actualy.... but for your question Angela is clear choice.... Lucian is stil strong but whitout active he can be easy kill...