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Next Mono Ardor 7* Target?

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  • Next Mono Ardor 7* Target?

    So I'm very close to having an EE Littre and my final 6* I'll need for my next 7* player, but I have a little predicament...

    After this Aslan superb boss, she forced me to reevaluate my striker choice. I'm currently using Bora and the DR meta is making her lose her edge.

    However, in a recent post of mine, I was asking advice about who to SPU next for my team. I got varying answers saying I should give Bora her last SPU or that I need to give Angela her last two. I was also told to SPU either Shu or Kevin in my Def for stronger Def line pens.

    SPU potential targets:

    Elaine (ONLY with 7*)

    7* potential targets:

    Baltheon (MSPU): (Basically never leaves my comp. Basically gets a straight upgrade to pass effect, reflexes and speed.)

    Shu (0 SPU): (Will likely be accompanied with EE Littre unless instructed otherwise. Lacks WoM, so his full potential isn't open yet.)

    Elaine (0 SPU): (Needs EE Littre to replace MW in front. Having her would make my front more durable by staying under attribute ace and pull stress off my backline if I can keep the ball forward, as well as counter the DR GK meta.)

    Sharr (0 SPU): (Also needs EE Littre, however, I wouldn't need to lose MW yet, and I am confident in my ability to produce a OHKO striker out of Sharr. She was my striker before Bora. More versatile in the DR meta.)

    Angela (3 SPU): (Is there even a need to explain? Active would be used and give her more DR and defense. My Angela has about 3k HP with 80%+ DR. With the active being used, she may break 90%+ DR. Needs 2 SPU to be maxed. This just basically double insures her as a solo GK in case Kevin or DQ gets KO'd. More HP too. IDK if this is totally necessary.)

    Thanks fellas!

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    So you have a 7* 0 SPU Elaine? should definitely throw the littre on her.
    As for who to 7* next, Bora. Angela is already serviceable at her current level. Bora will actively improve quite a bit at 7*.


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      If you read correctly, Elaine is not 7*. The reason I didn't put up Bora for bring a 7* candidate is because she already is. If Angela is fine as is, that may help me a bit.

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    Kind of unlear on who your striker is shar or bora

    well in order should be

    1 striker
    2 balteon
    3 elain


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      My current striker is Bora and she's 7*.

    • anavn
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      Yup so go balteon next