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Which legend should I buy?

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    For me, i think baltheon or meta would be great, but in my opinion, i feel like all your lines are great but is missing something. Meta would definitely be a great cm for you keeping your team alive, to me bell is better backline to steal their ball and pene to forward. Baltheon would also be great for you front line, but if you have shura and sillas and elaine i dont think you necessarily need balth yet. I would go for meta cm mid. But thats just my opinion. This is my setup and so far its working pretty well, but like i said this is just my opinion. I hope everything works out for you whatever you decide.


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      metatron or jst wait they release new legends and see what happens..maybe a rebalance


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        You should also consider Choi since he also falls under your ace and is also stupid broken next to Vonchi. I've fought a Choi/Elaine front or two that were utter cancer. Build Choi well, and your front is damn near invincible. Giving Lucid that extra 50% speed and 75% attack power would make her a huge pain to deal with. Yeah, Baltheon is wonderful, I have him myself, but passers aren't always necessary in front if the striker is strong enough, and Lucid is definitely strong enough.

        BTW, if you don't mind me asking... How the flippity **** do you get so many legends?


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          1 rrom the rank 30 box, 3 from scout, and one from draw. btw I got Meta with the DS, and will be on the hunt for Choi in scout though yes I know long shot, but hey got 3 from scout already lol

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        Meta should be useful for your CM. the rest will follow as the game progress...


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          Didnt went through all your previous concerns but to be honest you dont need meta to reach galaxy, she just makes it less painful. My advice usually stand on what do you want to invest, pvp, pve, favourite player or rewards. If rewards by default cot gives you the most so your legend should just be a legend that will improve your cot standings.


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            Well I got Meta, because I've wanted her for ever along with Balth. Which was a big reason as to why I was so undecided, along with the fact I wanted what was best for my team. Any of Meta, Balth, Choi, and Duke and to a lesser extent Duran would have been great choices. Meta probably fit a bigger need with Balth being a close second.I actually flipped a coin between Meta and Balth at the end where Meta won.

            Also on a side note got Choi in scout right now a little over 200 gp to go, and he is mine lol. Make that 4 different legends scouted for me, and 5 total legends have passed through my scouts.