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  • Team advice for a casual player

    My current team i use for everything is
    Swimsuit luka | Guninevere| Sharr
    Black Ivy|Sammy(ace)| Bell |Roina (support)
    Nerua| Virgil| Kevin

    I would like to move into a different team or at least have another option than using the same team over and over.
    I have decided on a WW/Ador build for now. after lots of thinking and playing a few test matches i have come up with

    Linmay|Lia(ace)| Ronia
    Nerua|Rudiel| kevin
    Black tortoise

    It's a current team IN PROGRESS
    Click image for larger version

Name:	qRGk177.png
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    I would like to use this for Colosseum and pvp(if the team works out better than my current)
    Any helpful tips to improve? or is it currently impossible with my current players? I thought about replacing Nerua for Yuri for HP totem for BT goalie.

    Ador : Lia, Roina, kevin, sharr, Elise,Sage,Yuri,Lucian,Nari
    Whirlwind: Kiki, neraizel, Shanti, Linmay, Black tortoise, Rudiel

    I would really like to keep Black tortoise in and Shanti
    Is there any character i should keep an eye out for in scouts that would help the team? or should i add in a non WW/ador to the team?
    or should i scrape the whole ador/ww team and start a new?

    Light: Sammy,Virgil,Black ivy, Milky way, Mikael, Hercules, isillia
    Thunder: Bell, DU007 Nute, guinevere, swimsuit luka, Jury.

    Main thing is overall i would like to keep Black tortoise as Goal keeper
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    I'm not the best at team building... but if you want a WW/Ardor team, I'd say
    Nari | Neraizel | Shanti
    Linmay | Elise | Roina
    Kiki | Lia (ace) | Rudiel/Kevin
    Black Tortoise | Kevin/Rudiel Support.

    Since you wanted to keep Shanti and BT, if you are only concerned about keeping BT then you can swap Shanti for Sharr.

    I think Linmays crit/reflexes to line benefits midline more than backline, and her forward pass is enough to get a quick bump to your frontline.

    Elise is decent CM, as when she crits (attacking or being attacked) will heal to line, a nice compliment to Linmay, but I think Elise PROBABLY makes a slightly better ball holder. Roina is going to be your primary center line attacker though.

    Kiki should always be on the backline (IMO) because she's a good defender and and her 35% max HP buff really helps BT. I use Rudiel as sortof a pseudo penetrator mid-line although she's more "made for the backline" though Kevin is probably a better choice because his debuffs and reduced incoming damage to line.

    Lia should be backline for her long pass (it's just more efficient) to get it from backline and her action speed/reflex debuff is nice for defense. I also like her Ace skill, though an alternative would be Rudiel (I think Lia's works better for the team overall).

    Also let me know how this works out for you. You could also switch Linmay and Roina spots.
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      Well, honestly, your best choice at CM would be, in order; Neraizel, Lia, Linmay. Neraizel doesn't offer anything to Shanti on front that she doesn't also give at mid.

      I actually like OP build a bit more, but I'd try something more along the lines of
      Hyunmu (BT)(Ace)

      Wait, BT Ace? The team is already pretty defensively oriented. Getting more crit for Shanti and Kiki is pretty key, and will help overall frontline performance. However, this might require a specific stone set for Nari, as you want her to still be faster than Kiki amd Shanti. If need be, Lia Ace will also help out, though you'll need to shift Neraizel to support in that case (which is fine for PvP). You can also replace Yuri on backline with Kiki, and use Rudiel where Kiki is now. Bell is also an option in that spot, but I tried to avoid using non WW/Ardor players. Bell would be better than Rudiel, though.

      I'd keep an eye out for Meiran, who has a good global buff, and for Choi (ha) who fills Front mid over anyone else. Evilyn would be a good Nari replacement. Miho or Gaphyl can be functional healers, I prefer Miho as she can generate her own spirit, and you kind of lack spirit generate (depending on stones)