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Linmay or Lia CM?

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  • Linmay or Lia CM?

    Ever since the nerf to .5 spirit start i decided to remove Nez as my CM to my WW/Ardor comp. Should i use Lia or Linmay for CM? (Also have Meiran and Victoria for possible CMs)

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    I personally use Linmay as my CM. As for getting the first move, Lia is probably your best choice. However, I have a +15 dark speed on my Linmay. Plus, Linmay has the highest base reflex in the game once lvl 60 (Don't quote me on that).I have her Max SPU with Victoria CL and Lynia CR, and with all of the reflex passives she gets a whopping total of 2939 reflexes. It may not seem impressive to some, but I haven't increased it solely because I have too much to work on already. But a well built Linmay can easily break 3k reflexes. Most reflex I've seen on a Lia vs. my Linmay was 2400+ reflex. Meiran is best left in the def line. Using Victoria as a CM is a big waste in my opinion. So in conclusion, Lia gets decent reflex, but has a speed advantage. Linmay has more reflex, but has a position heal with attack bar fill. Oh, don't forget Linmay also give the line more crit, which is better for penetrators.

    Hope this helps!


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      Txn for the advice. Atm i have Victoria-Nez-Meira Mid but im planning on going Victoria-Linmay-Vivid Fear Mid. Vivid fear plays a similar role to your Lynia, she has the 30%reflex debuff and dmg. Just waiting for her EE ;-;

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      LOL One day, bro. Maybe one day. I just got Graphyl, so I'm waiting on his EE.