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How shall I organize my team?

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  • How shall I organize my team?

    Hello everyone,

    after quitting the game short after it was released I recently started playing it again and found it fun. I managed to get a few good units and leveled myself to level 30 to get my legendary.
    Now I am at a point where I have to decide where I shall go with my team(s) and how to set them up properly. I read up on some strategys but most of them seemed to be pretty outdated.
    My current set-up is like this:

    I know its not optimal. Additionally here the units I currently have:

    I was planning on using Karpila as my passer, as soon I have enough points. But aside from that I really dont know what kind of strategy I want to use for my team.

    Oh yea, my Eden is fully superb and my Ravian has one superb too because I just so happened to get dupes.

    I would be gratefull for any kind of advice.

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    You don't have enough 5 star players and you will change you opinion and direction many times along rhe way, so no point to talk about strategy.
    Just level up, upgrade your players (EE) when possible and have fun.