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  • What to focus on next?

    It's been a while since I made a post, and since then I've gotten more 5☆ and able to evolve, EE some, ST one, and reach 50 on all and 60 on 2. But now I am at a dead-end on how to improve my team besides boosting stones and special training as I lack the mana and materials. I am currently rank 61, team ability of 6907, and team cost of 210/213

    My current team setup:
    Sillia (E) || Baltheon (E) || Sharr (EE, mspu, lvl 60)
    Anael (E) || Linmay (E) || Zhen Long (E)
    Virgil (not E) || Silk (not E) || Kiki (E)
    Isillia (EE, not ST)
    Support: Luka (E)

    Other 5☆ (bench) players I have are:
    Ardor (5 total):
    Lia (E)
    Nari (E)

    WW (6 total):
    Vivid Fear

    Thunder (4 total):

    Light (6 total):

    Dark (7 total):
    Lucid (E)
    Ravian (E)

    1) Am I able to make a hybrid team or should I stick with rainbow?
    2) Should I bench any of my starters? Or move any of my starters around?
    3) Are any of my bench players worth investing in? Which ones?
    4) PVE-wise, should I still farm for penguins? Rivals? Bosses?
    5) Should I start scouting managers such as Lucy and co?
    6) How can I farm stones more efficient as my team can no longer farm the "Limited Stone Match" for players rank 61+?
    7) Without spending money, what is a good way to farm gold?
    8) Are attackers necessary?
    9) For the Guarantee Season Mileage, should I save up until I can summon a S2 player? Or don't save and keep summoning S1 players?
    10) And last, but not least, should I still try to level my profile slowly?

    Thank you.
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    1) you can go light ww with your unit but i dont think there is a good totem unless sky which is an s2 player so i would probably stick with silla ace
    2) i would do this formation:
    silla (Ace-totem) - baltheon (main passer) - sharr
    vivid fear (main pen + totem) - linmay (cm) - zhenlong
    virgil - silk - kiki - nerua (against light ww striker) scout magnus to go against ardor thunder striker (will lev) (put silk in front of the striker)

    3) answered in the formation
    4)farm 6* penguins only when you have to level up your units to lvl 50 or lvl 60 i always done that. farming rivals is good for cot trials. farm bosses also good for the cot trial plus some of them are good.
    5) lucy and gerold are a must have at any level of the game, so if you skipped them u did a mistake.
    6) just wait until u can farm them
    7)there are gold guides but anyway atm i think the gold match on weekend is the best way atm
    8) yes every mid line need one because their AI will almost try to penetrate in anycase which is not possible with other roles.
    9)u are at the start of the game so i dont think is good for u to wait untill u can draw an s2 with mileage
    10) yes


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      With the recall of Luka and Sillia, should I recall my Luka? Sillia is staying put for now. The selections for the Luka recall are Nari, Lia, Linmay, Neraizel, Saramir, Sillia, Sammy, and Nairose. I was thinking of getting maybe Sammy. If not Sammy then maybe another Linmay as a dupe for ST and SPU. Also, I already have a dupe Nari. If I recall Luka for Nari, that will make it easier to SPU and ST her. Opinions?


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        linmay dupe for cm