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    So finally maxed my team and i post my variant of every color team i can build.
    Basicly i use Virgil as extra he is flexible in any line.

    What should i do now?

    1. Max Virgil - flexible healer
    2. Max Lucian - 2nd GK + he is strong in PVE
    3. Max Kevin or Yuri - for more totem and thy fit in light / ardor team
    4. Go mono light - max Latios and get some light back line totem
    5. Go mono ardor - except Will I have all must have from this team + pretty good SPU on players
    6. Max magnus and nerua they are must have in backline
    7. Any other tips????

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    u have 14.5k TA team and u need advice ? :P anyway i would just wait the major update and see what will happen


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      Yeah i want to go mono light but they are pathetic...and this team i have now is strong and need to do something or i just qiut this game... problem is i cant get 50 colo with this team but newer loose in league so need more balance...


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        silla(ps) - virgil (ebm)- vonchi/latios/uriel
        mikael-sammy(ic tw)-beth
        (milky or anael ace)

        or assumed you have all light legends

        silla ps - milky sc - vonchi
        mikael - beth tw - duke fts
        chitose wom - anael ic- blackivy wom- milky wom


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          that back line is like invitation for OHKO


          • anyroddick87
            anyroddick87 commented
            Editing a comment
            if you can act and with these nerfs have fun in trying act once with 80% atb recovery chitose black ivy milky