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I had a random problem with the ticket need help URGENT

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  • I had a random problem with the ticket need help URGENT

    Hi everyone how are you? I'm not sure if it is the correct section to post this but it is urgent and need an answer as soon as possible. Accidentally, i got all my tickets from the box and now they appear in the draw screen they are 19. However, now that they are collected is there a time limit when i can use them or not? Will i be able to make a free draw every two days or i'm not allowed due to tickets? Thanks in advance and sorry KineticTenshi and Yuraji for posting it here but we can make a guide (if there isn't one) that we can collect tickets and they don't have time limit afterward because that is something that i don't know.

    P.S If they have time limit what can i do? (i wish they don't and throw them somewhere that i like)
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    Don't worry, you have unlimited time to use them, and when a free draw is available, you will consume this one first, then your premium ticket. That's not the rightplace indeed, I would put it in Home Lodging I think.


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      Wow thanks a lot KineticTenshi once more you have saved me due to your vast knowledge. Whew! A heavy burden just got off of me now hahahaha. So now ladies and gentlemen of Soccer Spirits there is no problem if you receive the tickets and on top of that you can do the free draws without a problem ^^ again i'm sorry KineticTenshi for putting it in the correct section because i was filled with anxiety.