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Team Advice/Who to scout next?

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  • Team Advice/Who to scout next?

    Hello, I need some advice on who to scout next. Team I planning to make(for now might make changes still unsure):
    My current team:

    Nari EE - Uriel EE . Iggy EE

    Victoria EE - Beta EE - Roina EE

    Anael EE - Leah EE - Random

    Isilia EE

    Team I planning to make(for now might make changes still unsure):

    Victoria - Nari - Sharr

    Beta - Iggy - Lynia

    Anael - Chitose - Virgil


    Support: Elaine/Cynthia (multiple choices/not decide)

    Other 5* I have : Bora, Lucius, Beatrice, Hiiro, Khirel, Z101 Raklet, Renee

    Players I might use as well(don't have them yet):

    Choi,Kiki,Nute(if EE),Sammy,Bell,Beth,Milky Way(if EE)

    I do know that it isn't the best team but I don't want to have sth standar like sharr-luka-silla, but still appreciate team advices. I also need some advice on who to scout next. Thx in advance.
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    Konnichiwa !

    I would suggest to put Yuri instead of Victoria as Victoria is more like a reflex totem often put in mid. Sharr is OHKO type, she doesn't need someone to keep stealing the ball for her. If you use Elaine, you might as well put her in front.

    For your mid, I would do Choi - Bell - Lynia maybe.

    For the back, I would replace Anael with Mikael for his HP totem.


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      i did not understand if you have choi kiki bell beth and all the players in the players i might use as well section...


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        Try to scout Kiki and Yuri - they give good buffs which stack between them so you could build great offensive or defensive position.
        And Victoria is good in the mid line as KineticTenshi said.
        Anael is fine since i also use her to break out from the back when ball gets there.


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          They already have Kiki.


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            I was wondering about my back line.
            See I have Lucian as gk with Magnus, Virgil, Lynia and usually Princess Meiran as supp but Linmay just turned up in my scout and I am building up Kiki to replace Lynia soon. Question is should I get Linmay?