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New starter need some help to Pick the Team

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  • New starter need some help to Pick the Team

    Hi All, just start this game and got some 5 star Player. Can anyone give some suggestion about which player i should pick to use? I got:
    Zibroi,Malcolm,Mikael,Latios,Evylin,Saramir,Freyja ,Griffith,Elaine,Lia,Orses,Celus,Muspel,Magnus,Pri ncess Meiran,Robin,Butcher and Shu.
    Many thanks for all your help and suggest

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    Thanks. Is Zibroi is better than Robin?


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      haha, Robin is bit Creepy. Thanks


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        I would personally opt for a team like this instead
        Evylin Elaine Griffith
        Meiran Lia Malcolm/Freyja/Shu
        Magnus Saramir Mikael
        Support: Any of the those 3, backline or midline

        Frontline is rearranged so Elaine is in CF. Since CF is more likely to be attacked because of 5 man backlines, it's easier to counterattack with Elaine's limit response skill.

        CM Lia over Meiran because assist CM won't attack Metatron. Placed Meiran on the side to provide a midline inspiring reflex totem.

        Mikael to the backline since he's a HP totem are extremely important in keeping your GK alive and it's a must to have at least 1 linebreaker in the backline.

        Used Zibroi over Robin because Zibroi is honestly overall more useful. He's dark type(ardor is meta). Heal got slightly buffed in PvP and he's useful in PvE. Crit resist on Anti-Crisis is terrible because of bad stones. Higher base HP means you get better scaling from HP totems. Robin's low DR makes him vulnerable to high pass effect assists. Robin gets destroyed by non-crit strikers like Sharr and Griffith. The list goes on...


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          take your legend at rank 30 and rewrite... all the team build turn into ur legendary pick


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            thanks all your advise.


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              in the mean time recall ur robin for lucian and use luian as GK he is the best atm