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Another 'need help building my team' post

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  • Another 'need help building my team' post

    Hi there. I never thought that I would be playing Soccer Spirit regularly as I do now. Was only going to download, get new user pack, then quit. But nope, I'm enjoying this game a lot. Still early game, though, and would like some advice about my team. I still do not have many 5☆+ players, though. As I am limited, I just inserted the 'best' players I have and ended up with 3 strikers. I am currently ranked 44. Is my team ability don't know what it is called, but it is around 4700) good enough for my rank? Should I use my crystals/gems for summoning? Thanks.

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    That's alright, you gotta start somewhere

    For starters, you don't want to have multiple strikers in your team because it's better to focus on making one person very strong than splitting them up. This becomes apparent once you start doing auto-PvP (where the striker AI shoots the moment they get the ball). You want to prioritize your 5* littres onto your main striker as soon as possible. Since you pulled Baltheon (who's a OHKO assist), Ravian is probably not recommended because she a utility striker and she requires a huge amount of setup before having a shot at going far. Lucid is a PvE god but her potential is reduced in auto-PvP. Sharr is typically considered a pretty strong all around OHKO player.

    You have some pretty good keepers in your team atm. Luka, Linmay, Kiki, Isillia, are good players. Zhen and Guin are decent. Just keep in mind, remove all but one striker, Luka is better at front, Linmay is better at CM compared to what you have atm, Zhen is better at front/mid. Guin is better at front/mid but is more replaceable than the others.

    With crystals, I would recommend buying penguin matches to get everyone to max level. Reason being is that you want to have a team strong enough to farm GP in arena/colo in order to improve your team even further. Being able to specifically handpick powerful players is much better than praying to the RNGods for a potentially bad card.

    I usually hear people saying that you're around average if your TA = Current Rank x100. ...but if you're planning on investing a lot of time in the game to get far without spending much money, you want to exceed this as far as you can. It's best to not rush leveling that fast, grind GP for your final team and superbs, and make your goal to be the best in your rank.


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      So I tried following your advice the best I can and this was the team I was able to come up with. I removed Ravian, Lucid, and Guinevere. My only other 5☆ available are Jacob and Roina. Both Baltheon and Luka gains the most boost in CF position, so which should I prioritize for the slot? In the empty slots, should I fill it in with 4☆s instead? I do have Eden and I've heard she is good but her best slot is in RD same as Kiki. The positions that Guin is good at are the 3 Frontline and CM but are all filled.
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        Jacob is not a very usable character outside of PvE. He does provides plenty of damage to the team but has the drawback of having attacker stats and being extremely slow.
        Roina is a pretty selfish player until you EE her. Then she becomes alright, not too bad but not amazing. She's an underused character since many people usually rather have inline totems instead.

        As for Baltheon/Luka, either is fine. CF will be exposed multiple attackers and having a player with higher reflex there will give you a better chance at counterattacking/stealing. Baltheon might be possibly better because he has a reflex passive when he EEs. Problem is that if the enemy breaks through, it'll halt Baltheon's slowness even further. Your call honestly.

        Eden is pretty good early on especially when you haven't superbed most of your 5*s yet. She's good in any position in the back or the mid because you're primarily using her for her Def+Act Speed+DR totem.

        If you don't have other players yet, just work with what you have. It'll improve later. Also, you later learn in teambuilding that favorable positions are not always the best position that a player can be in. For example, Yuri is the least effective at mid and is better in the backline or front instead.

        That being said, generally, you typically want to aim for these types of players. I'll let you decide which players you want to use.
        Frontline: Striker + Assist + Offensive Totems (crit, crit dmg, pen, etc)
        Midline: At least 1 ine breaker + a bunch of players with reflex totems/action speed/action bar recover since reflex is extremely op
        Backline: At least 1 line breaker + Defensive Totems (HP, DR. crit resist, counter resist,)


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          It's perfectly normal to put units in places where they don't get position bonuses. The most important thing is what they bring to the line.

          Since Sharr is your striker, Roina should be your mid attacker. Once Baltheon, Sharr, and Roina are all EEd, they can pull off a crazy amplify damage combo.


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            I'm going to give a bunch of advice that most people would probably call useless, but hey, you don't have to listen to me.

            Anyways, I'd put Guin-Balth-Sharr on your front line since Guin is a decent totem and a great way to get the ball back and weaken the goalie at the same time. Balth is basically the best passer out there for the front line, and Sharr is just a damn good striker.

            In my opinion, Eden is the sauce. I love her and she's so easy to mspu and then 6*. She has great buffs for really any line, but she does best in the mid/back line. If you want to have a really tough backline with a great stealer, stick her in there, but if people are blowing through your midline, you can put her in there too. For now, I'd put Eden-Linmay-Roina in mid. They have great bulk together, Eden is a decent stealer, and if you can't break the line, Linmay can always pass it up to the fronline.

            From those screen shots, you don't have a hell of a lot of defensive players. Kiki is great in backline, and Isillia gets the job done. If you're able to get them, I'd go after Bell/Anael and Leah for your back line. Leah is great as a meatshield to keep your GK alive and she's also a pretty good line breaker. Bell is just straight up one of the best defenders in the game. Anael and Nerua are also great defenders with good stealing/penetrating abilities respectively. So I guess I'd go with Bell/Leah-Bell/Leah-Isillia (GK)-Kiki

            That's my opinion, and it's probably wrong.