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[Info] Read this before you ask for team advice

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  • [Info] Read this before you ask for team advice

    If you ask "Improve my team for PvP," but do not impose additional restrictions on the team you want, this photo is the answer you will likely get.

    I have taken the liberty of restricting it to 2 PvP legends and allowing you to pick your choice of striker, midfielder, goalkeeper and support.
    • For the striker, use either Sharr and Vitos.
    • For the midline, use either Lynia or Linmay.
    • For the goalpost, any goalie is good as long as it's not Robin or Erica. However, Lucian is the best.
    • For the support, use either Yuri or Nerua.

    If you don't have both Metatron or Beth, there is still no consensus on which to buy first. But generally, Beth gives you more PvE performance (thanks to manual control) while Metatron is more consistently useful in PvP (because Beth is totally irrelevant in those games where she doesn't get to act.) Choose your flavor.

    If you have money, then fill in the blanks with William, Bell mid, Lucian goalie, and the support of your choice between Miho (more heal), Death Queen (more CR), Khirel (more damage), and Jin (DQ lite). This will get you the best rainbow PvP team. (If you are Kim Jong Un, then use Vonchi striker with Choi-Meta-Bell mid plus Duran-Askeladd back, and report back the results to us.)

    So when you look for advice,do specify: What's your budget? What theme do you want? Which color combination appeals to you? How attached are you with your current team? Which units are your favorite? This will let us give more specific advice instead of repeating the above metagolem.

    Thank you for your attention.
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    almost agree with everything, best 5* sharr vitos (sharr more pve oriented vitos more pvp oriented)
    mid i disagree with lynia, she work better with monothunder than rainbow and as for cm if you dont have metatron there are also othere choices like meiran lia neraizel
    backline obv you want KIKI MAGNUS now the meta says an healer so its up to you which one but the easier one to get is virgil but hey if you have miho you have a the best
    gk well the meta is LUCIAN GK he is the best in pvp plus he also very very good in pve.