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Any advice on how to defeat bought Swirlie matches?

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  • Any advice on how to defeat bought Swirlie matches?

    I've been playing Soccer Spirits seriously for about two and a half weeks now, and one of the biggest obstacles currently is Swirlie matches. I'm still in the process of evoing & leveling everyone, so bare with me. I can't seem to defeat these buggers no matter what. I don't have very many strong friends. That's possibly why I'm struggling so much. Anyway, here's my team set up currently. I've managed to defeat it 4 times so far(3 being entirely luck). I have 2 runs to go and wasted about 60 stamina trying to defeat these little boogers.

    My main question is could it simply be my team? Or perhaps I should just add friends who have aces that can carry me through.

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    For starters, you should first try to get all of your players to max level an evolve your GK as soon as possible. Training can be easily done by buying penguin matches using crystals. Just go to Shop > Match > Penguins. Even so, it'll be a bit difficult to survive especially since your backline doesn't have any HP totems at the moment. For PvE, it'll definitely help if you move Metatron to the back since the extra heals and global action bar recovery might help you live slightly longer and allows your guys in the front make the first move.

    All comes to worst, using a high reflex friend helper should be enough to beat it. If you have a Bell friend who can keep bringing the ball to the front, the match shouldn't be too hard to do.


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      Yea, I'm unable to purchase any penguin matches at the moment, but as soon as I'm able to I will.

      Is Ronald decent as a GK? I can't find much information regarding him after the update a few months ago.

      Who in my backline is most replaceable, Lilith?


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        Ronald is alright as a GK, BB kind of shafted him by giving him an underwhelming EE though. If you're running dark/ardor, Lucian is probably a better choice for both PvP and PvE. Ronald does has his advantages by being the attribute that counters ardor strikers, but the difference isn't too big of a margin from the Ronalds I faced. He is probably only better in PvP than Lucian only if you happen to be running monodark players in the backline (ex: Verister / Patricia / Lindberg / etc), but I'm not a Ronald expert.

        Yes, Lilith is the most replaceable.
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