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  • Ador / Light Fill in the Blank

    just wanna have a goal
    Baltheon Renee Sharr
    Milky Way
    Kei support - Silla

    What should i put in the gaps ? any players is ok. just want to have a dream team to work towards with.
    Its mainly ardor / Light , Baltheon was the first legend , got Khirel from draw and invested too much into Milky Way.

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    Balth Renee Sharr
    Victoria Sammy Milky
    Yuri Mikael Virgil

    Reflex at mid should be absolutely delicious


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      Agreed with Ysirnoth, but... WHERE IS HERCULES ? XD


      • Ysirnoth
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        Editing a comment
        He's busy gymming with his buddy Skorn :d

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      Thanks Ysirnoth


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        When you'll have a precise idea of what team/strategy you want to build, or even by curiosity, you can see this topic.

        It still need updates but it can help you.


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          baltheon is useless in pvp.. anyway milky if is well invested with wom is very good in backline. anyway if you dont have william the set up should be something like
          renee silla sharr
          khirel lia or sammy anael/virgil
          kiki magnus milky anael/virgil


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            Silla - Renee - Sharr
            Victoria/Sammy - Lia/Sammy - Beth/Choi/Duke/Khirel/Virgil
            Yuri/Kiki/Magnus/Mikael(at least 2 HP totems) + MW/Virgil/Chitose/Anael (other)

            First of all, I would opt for Silla - Renee - Sharr because Silla's pen and attack totems helps make up Sharr's lack of pen as a striker. The problem with Baltheon is that he's more suited more towards PvE than PvP. Baltheon's speed is abysmally slow, giving the enemy a lot of time to counterattack unless you have plenty of action speed totems affecting the same line. If you're insistent on keeping Balth on your team, replace Renee.

            I wouldn't place MW in RM simply because she isn't a reliable linebreaker. Having leader AI leaves you vulnerable if the enemy happened to damage and penetrate MW first. She'll end up passing unless the enemy in front of her has low HP.

            For the midline personally, I would use Lia over Sammy as CM even though Lia was hit by the action bar nerfs. One problem with ardor/light is that they lack action speed totems. Having an unconditional action speed buff/debuff in the midline is essential to have since getting the initiative and being able to get the first hit is paramount. Victoria/Lia/X is recommended since double reflex totems is strong defensively. Victoria/Lia/Sammy is not recommended since you'll be missing a reliable penetrator. You'll lose 1 reflex totem with Sammy-Lia-X but you'll be able to use Sammy ace. 4 man mid with both Lia and Sammy is ok if you're willing to run 3 man backline.

            As for the backline, since you're running Kei GK, it's a must to bring at least 2 HP totems even if they're offcolor because of Kei's below average HP for a GK. Keep in mind that if you're using Yuri as your main backline linebreaker, including Anael is important because of counterattack resist stacking. Mikael is not recommended as a linebreaker because he's vulnerable to counterattacks. Running both Yuri and Mikael is also not recommended because it leaves you open to enemy frontline stealers.
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              Thanks alot all
              I am now thinking of doing a
              Silla - Renee - Sharr
              Milky - Lia - Sammy - Chitose / Lynia
              Yuri - Anael - Kiki

              1) Yup , building an all waifu team if i can , Kei i s there cos cant replace him till i got the team sorted. Irre or Isilla ? or heck just letting him be the sole Male.

              2) If the ace is Sammy or Milky. assuming fspu , should Bell replace Anael ?

              3) somehow i am too used to milky mid. she can steal if i go second, she can pen when i go first , either way , i got 2 bar spirit when it reach renee, perfect Assist active + active shoot.
              somehow the mid still feels strange. back then my mid was Milky - Kevin - Silla - Lynia. but guess kevin is gone.
              any ideas on the mid ?

              Thanks a lot Aeiv , your inputs were so good.

              Oh I did read the Light / ardor , it was very helpful but the guide fail to solve my milky way problem . Its Perfect for anyone going the sammy route thou.
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