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    Hi I stopped playing for about 5 months because of school so I just needed a recap on whats meta and whats not. I have a pic of my box and idk whats good anymore. Any help would be appreciated

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    As of recent times the meta is Beth metatron bell. And this is dominating almost everything. For you however you are lucky that neraizel can counter this meta.
    With ravian ca has been nerfed meaning she is a lot less op then what she used to be and this you can keep her or invest in Beatrice instead. For the backline Kiki Magnus is still the meta. So a team could be like
    Beatrice/ravian silla nari
    Silk neraizel Meiren
    Kiki Magnus linmay
    As for support I would use either backline Malcolm or front line jeneuse. Your choice.


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      front:luka - silla (ace) - ravian
      mid: pen malcolm if you already invested in him if not i would go with zhen long he is pretty good
      ball holder meiran linmay or nera, i would go with meiran since she has a reflex totem and crit damage team buff
      u can run nera if u dont choose her as a ball holder so a set up could be like this:
      malcom or zhen long - meiran - neraizel
      backline: KIKI MAGNUS SILK RUDIEL (cancer backline imo)
      gk: jin obv

      if you run a dark ww totem you can replace silla with another totem for ravian


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        Current meta is something like this:

        William Luka Silla (Ace)
        Bell Meta Beth
        X Kiki Magnus Virgil

        Back line is somewhat flexible, I seen people use Kevin and Miho quite a bit. Mid and Front are set in stone.