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    Originally posted by Malphaic Okori View Post
    Hey guys, I've been wondering how to improve my team for awhile now, so I'm glad I found this forum. My current team is:
    William - Milky Way - Will
    Jheet - Roina - Zhen Long
    Hildegarde - Nerua - Virgil
    Support: Meiran
    I was hoping to replace William with Ravian and maybe Roina with Metatron as well as fitting Bell somewhere in my back line; any suggestions?
    william is the strongest striker in the game and u want to replace him with something else? lol
    just post all ur players and maybe some1 can help u


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      I need some thoughts on my current predicament!

      Current formation.

      Silla - Luka - Hiro
      Anael - Sammy - Bell
      Magnus - Nerua - Isillia - Mikael

      I have the choice of Super Training 1 of the following to 60.

      Linmay (1)
      Lynia (1)
      Nerua (0)

      Who should I pick for my team, and would you change anything around them? Pvp and PvE thoughts please (:


      • anyroddick87
        anyroddick87 commented
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        if your sammy is not mspu i would change her with linmay and put lynia instead anael and anael back instead mikael

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      Originally posted by anyroddick87 View Post
      william is the strongest striker in the game and u want to replace him with something else? lol
      just post all ur players and maybe some1 can help u
      I know that he is the strongest currently, and that is why I want to replace him, There isn't really anything to him, making him no fun.


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        Hi I'm pretty new and struggling to obtain new players, as I have only a few I put together the best I could but because of the team comp and lack of passers I just really struggle, I don't know what I need to make my team really good.

        My team so far:
        Hiro (0/5) - Bora (0/5) - Lillith (1/5)
        Jheet (2/5) - Beth (0/5) - Crocell(0/5)
        EA43 Haru (0/5) - Miho (0/5) - "Ace"Niarose (0/5)
        gk: Irre (0/5)

        I placed two strikers as I've not had any passers at all above 3* and thought lilith would substitute for now. The problem is I don't really want to put much into any player before I know what will work. So i really want advice. The only person I'm unwilling to remove from my team is Miho and Beth. Please help me! P.S. would really like to know whose best for a GK that would work with Miho

        Rest of 5* in lodgings:
        Lukia, Constance (I 5* her early because I never got a striker), MX54 Butcher, Avnore, Shanti, Cassiel
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        • KineticTenshi
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          Front : you should use only one striker at a time, usually paired with 1 or 2 assist (Silla, Neraizel, Luka, Baltheon Shura, Renee, Nari...) and 1 or 2 totem (Silla, Veronica, Guinevere, Rasiel, Yuri, Elaine...) which means that you should either bench Hiro or Bora and Lilith is not the best option as a front totem.

          Mid : Usually 2 attackers is not the best, and people often have 1 ball holder/stealer (Metatron, Jury, Sammy...), 1 attacker (Lynia, Hildegard, Duke, Jheet, Bell...) and 1 or 2 totem (Veronica, Meiran...). Having Beth Jheet and Crocell in the same lane make you lack of control, as you can have a hard time holding the ball in mid or stealing it.

          Back : Pretty good for now. Usually, you need HP/DR/Crist resist or Defense totem for a better survivability for your GK, some line breakers (someone who's able to bring the ball at least up to midlane) and defenders.

        • Missliss
          Missliss commented
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          So how would I set up my team? Who should I ideally take out and should I rearrange? Thankyou

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        Originally posted by anyroddick87 View Post

        i suggest to dont invest in anything atm since the most important unit is the striker, so u wont invest in any other unit b4 him and when the patch is out you dont have any littre too feed ur striker with.
        i suggest you to just do normal stuff without investing for at least next 1 or 2 patches, if nothing happen ill just invest in sharr (best 5* pve striker good pvp) or vitos (best 5* pvp striker) so its up to u which one to choose.
        about nari, she is useless since you have renee but keep her she can be useful in the future.
        in the backline you have to scout kiki and magnus and ur back line should be something like virgil kiki magnus and some1 else
        gk lucian is the best atm so stick with him.
        for now put elizabeth instead orses front, she still buff ap with pass and has nice reflex.just while u find a better totem like silla
        Hey there.

        I took your advice and so far its been going great. I did some changes and invested aswell in my striker (Sharr). So far my team looks like this, but I am wondering if it could get better with some new players I recently got. I appreciate any help or advice, and I am also wondering which unique stones to use one V. Beth and Victoria.

        Silla - Renee - Sharr (4/5)
        Victoria - Sammy - Beth
        Magnus - Virgil- Lynia
        Gk: Lucian

        New players that I aquired:
        Silk, Lucifer, Gerrard, Nikita, Beta

        Thank you in advance.


        • anyroddick87
          anyroddick87 commented
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          silk is very good now but she needs to be invested so atm stick with lynia. victoria best uniq is TB beth can use TW or POL

        • CeeFoNiGi
          CeeFoNiGi commented
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          Thanks for your advice. I will try to get those stones.
          I just got Kiki today so should I just use her instead of Lynia and forget about Silk?

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        I want to ask if there is anything I can improve on my team,
        I'm running:

        Magnus-Miho-Virgil- ( Kiki as support )

        I just found Mikael in the scout and wondered if he is worth it? Or should I skip him and go for another unit? If so which card shall I grab to make my team stronger? Sorry for all those question>< but it would help me a lot if you can answer them.

        Units I also have:


        Princess Meiran
        Zhen Long





        • Yuraji
          Yuraji commented
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          I think your team looks very solid already, I wouldn't scout Mikael to replace anyone.If you run Hiro as ace I'd consider swapping in Sammy instead of Linmay for the ace bonus.

        • Catenaccio
          Catenaccio commented
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          I'm running Silla ace^^. But thnx for commenting and giving advice!^^