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September 2019 Developer's Note Pt. 2

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  • September 2019 Developer's Note Pt. 2

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    Greetings from the Soccer Spirits development team!

    We would like to talk about the major update that will take place in November.
    Please note that not all details are finalized yet and the information shared in this note may change during the development process.

    The main content that will be covered in the November update is Galaxy Live regular season. Galaxy Live, which was officially added to the game through the major update on May 2017, was designed to provide users with a real-time PvP gameplay experience. Even though there are still various problems, we’re glad to see users who enjoy the content.

    Real-time PvP contents improvement and enhancement has been a big goal of 2019’s updates. The Coach system that was added via the 5-year update is more specialized in the Galaxy Live, and the Draft Season that was added shortly after has lowered the hurdles of PvP for users, while giving a different experience than what the regular seasons offer.

    However, we believe that our goal of “Live PvP = End Game Content” can only be realized if we continue to improve the Galaxy Live mode. Thus, we will be implementing the following improvements, along with changes that target issues that prevent stable gameplay.

    <Rating Readjustment and Tier Structure Reorganization>

    Currently, the Galaxy Live tier system is a simple one that checks if you are 1,300 or above, or below. The only change is what score you begin at the start of the season.

    The dev team wants to improve the current structure that does not evaluate the rating properly, even though we're currently using an ELO-style rating system. We plan to use the tier structure that's being used in the super league and give season rewards based on the tier, and not percentiles.

    We want it to be so that you play Galaxy Live to rise in tiers and maintain it. When you reach the new tier for the first time or reach a certain tier, you will be given an honorary reward that lasts until the next season.

    Along with the tier structure modification, the matchmaking structure will also be improved, and the matchmaking waiting time will also be reduced.

    <No-ban Mode and Losing Streak Care Match>

    When playing PvP in real-time with other users, the ban system is something many users find overlay punishing. It's not easy to fully build 11 players with spirit stones and other settings, so the ban system may seem harsh. However, we believe that the ban system is what makes Galaxy Live unique and end-game worthy.

    So, we will be allowing users under certain tier to play Galaxy Live in no-ban mode. If the no-ban mode player and ban-tier player get matched, the match will proceed in no-ban mode. Also, we are planning to add a match to help alleviate losing streaks.

    <Reward Upgrade>

    First, the Hall of Fame will be added. It will be an exclusive page where you can check special rewards such as most winning streaks, highest win rates, as well as rankers of previous seasons. It will be good to take a look at the Hall of Fame when new season starts. Users who are listed in the Hall of Fame will get rewards when they visit the Hall of Fame page.

    Cumulative victory rewards will be changed to participation rewards, and the quality of rewards will also be changed to be more prominent - since Neris given from Galaxy Live is not enough to encourage users to play the mode. For participation counts, the count will only go up when you play in a match properly.

    Season rewards will also be renewed to meet the new tier structure mentioned above.

    These are main content of the Galaxy Live modifications. Also, we would like to notify you the following in advance:

    <History Reset>

    As the tier structure will be renewed in general, the live history will be reset with the update. This may be inconvenient for users who have 1,300 or higher score in the previous season, but we ask for your understanding on this. Score revision feature that becomes available when you get winning streaks will also be introduced.

    <Schedule Modification>

    We plan to release the update on Nov. 27th, which is when the live regular season is still ongoing. Having an update while the season is being held may cause some problem, so we will be modifying the season end date to Nov. 24th 8am PDT (The season will be held for 2 weeks instead of 3 weeks.) We ask for your understanding.

    This is all we have for the September developer's note. In the next month's note, we will be sharing more information regarding Galaxy Live, as well as changes that will be made in the November update.

    Thank you,
    The Soccer Spirits Development Team
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    How about to make Live and other PvP more friendly for new and intermediate players? They want to play it too, you know?