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Please REDUCE the spirit cost of all "self-buffer" actives to only a half-bar!

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  • Please REDUCE the spirit cost of all "self-buffer" actives to only a half-bar!

    The vast majority of "self-buff" character actives only cost half a spirit bar (which makes sense, because they don't buff the whole team, or even the whole position, just ONE CHARACTER, and often for a pretty short time). For characters like Leah, Xing, and Guinevere, having to spend an entire bar of spirit for a SINGLE UNIT SELF BUFF is a bit excessive (and very crippling when used early in the match / often leaving your assists and strikers without enough spirit to use their actives).

    Mind you, characters like Hildegard, Jade Rakshasa, Zhen Long, and Savnok only cost half a bar for their actives, and their actives are just as powerful as the likes of Leah, Xing, and Guinevere.

    If the devs would consider adjusting all self-buff characters to the same half-bar of spirit, it would seem like a very reasonable change. Thank you for any consideration you're willing to give to this matter!

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    Let's try to gain some perspective here.

    Why do you think it is set at 100 spirit to begin with? Surely there's a reasoning behind such a decision.


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      Originally posted by Com2uS_Nyan View Post
      Let's try to gain some perspective here.

      Why do you think it is set at 100 spirit to begin with? Surely there's a reasoning behind such a decision.
      Well, I tried to post an explanation, but my posts kept getting flagged as unapproved. So I'll shorten my points. Just as a basic example, let's take "Xing" compared to "Jade Rakshasa."

      Jade Rakshasa's active --> +60% Crit Rate and +60% Reflex (costs 50 spirit)

      Xing's active --> +50% Crit Rate and +50% Critical Damage Resistance (costs 100 spirit)

      Both abilities have the same duration and cooldown. Xing gets LESS crit rate, and an arguably much less beneficial stat (which, if you're built for crit resistance becomes completely useless. Reflex, on the other hand, benefits everyone in the mid line.)

      How is that possibly fair for Xing?



      Well, just as an example, let's take Xing compared to "Jade Rakshasa." (both Whirlwind characters designed for middle position)

      Jade Rakshasa's active gives +60% Crit Rate and +60% Reflex for half a spirit bar (50 spirit). Ability lasts 10 min with a CD of 15 min.

      Xing's active gives +50% Crit Rate and +50% Critical Damage Resistance for a full spirit bar (50 spirit). Ability lasts 10 min with a CD of 15 min.

      So, with the same duration and the same cooldown, Xing's active gives 10% LESS CRIT RATE and 50% Crit Damage Resist (which, if you've built your center line for crit resistance, makes that ability completely useless) compared to Jade Rakshasa's +60% Reflex (which is VERY useful in mid-line for any character across-the-board).

      So, HOW IS THAT POSSIBLY FAIR FOR XING??? He's getting less crit rate and an arguably less beneficial ability for TWICE THE SPIRIT COST!

      I should also add that consuming a full spirit bar can greatly break the flow of the match if your character successfully penetrates, since there's a good chance that your frontline assist won't have enough spirit if 100 spirit

      Please undertstand, I'm not just griping for the sake of griping. This imbalance in self-buffer spirit cost is OBJECTIVELY unfair (and in cases like the example I've given, the character with the cheaper active has even better ability, taking the imbalance from unfair to downright insulting).

      So, I ask again, please give this some honest consideration to plead with the devs. I realize not all comparisons will be this drastic, but even if the "100 spirit" abilities were indeed better, it would STILL be worth nerfing / adjusting them to bring everybody back down to an even half-spirit bar (to even the actual flow of battle, as I mentioned earlier).
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        There might be some reasoning behind some self actives being half a bar and some of them being one bar... but these reasonings are a bit questionable or even confusing at times.

        At the end of the day, we have pretty strong line or even global buff actives that don't cost much more than 1 bar, thus I think it's fair that self buffs get a max cost of half a bar.

        As shipwrecksos mentioned, we are talking units like leah, xing, guinevere, etc. We are not talking about super strong units that already are overwhelmingly good, in fact 5* that are considered good already don't have a self buff most of the time, and if they have one they certainly don't cost 1 bar.

        You can't possibly think certain unit can have a global 40% reflex buff for 1.5 bar, yet it's okay for some units to have a really similar stat buff for only themselves for 1bar (which btw, usually also have a way worse skillset overall than the global/line active ones).

        So we are in the same page, I'm specifically talking about the [strategy/powerup] type actives.
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          yeah I do agree with shipwreckos, and usually the 1 bar self buff is a waste of spirit, so you are better off switching the skill off if you need spirit

          But yeah you usually don't even see Leah or Xing outside of GCL, and for example Xing, because I use him so I can comment on that, heavily relies on his active to be effective, and the 1 bar cost is a bit too much...also he is hard countered by attacker mids anyway

          I'm just gonna add to Lucid, that Guinevere needs to be reworked into a frontline KTB attacker (thunder lacks one anyway, since Ariel is a mid attacker)so I wouldn't even mention her, cuz even with half a bar she won't be used


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            Let's generally lower everything, then we will destroy the mechanics of the game. If you lack the spirit, then you have problems with its regeneration.
            For this, the game has special stones and characters, why are they invented? If you want enough spirit, prioritize correctly, invest more in the characters or stones that give the spirit in the game. There will be so much spirit that you cannot even spend it.
            I do not think this is a problem.
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            • Neonflux
              Neonflux commented
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              coming from the guy who thinks that Queen's active is broken, and who had probably no idea it scales off Queen's base Ap and it is affected by DR..but sure, you probably know what is and isn't a problem for the game..and of course it is not a problem on a global scale, since this affects units that no1 uses outside of GCL and even there they are rare

            • Shipwrecksos
              Shipwrecksos commented
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              I don't know why you (Zakarum) feel the need to make these blanket-sweep, dismissive arguments, that clearly ignore all the points made in the topic. (trolling perhaps???) I've given clear side-by-side examples of objectively uneven stats given by these actives (and the one with LESS stats costs MORE spirit). No intellectually-honest person would ever consider that "fair," nor would it be unreasonable to request a change.

            • Zakarum
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              Not what kind of trolling is it, I just had a question: why then are my dear vey and other characters who give so much spirit? And why is Ragarok needed, which does not allow your spirit to regenerate. I see this as a strong team that prevents your enemy from generating a spirit. Also, other characters who give it in abundance compensate for this. You showed me only your dovd, which I do not see clearly. Again, there will be more teams that are similar to each other.
              I think this will lead to an outflow of players, as many mechanics will not change.
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            This is a good discussion, and I can definitely see where everyone is coming from.

            As you know from the recent dev notes, there is a lot on the table the team is currently taking on.
            I cannot guarantee that such a suggestion will be high priority at the moment, but will definitely bring it up.



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              Thanks Nyan! (and thanks to LucidHusbando and Neonflux for also bringing up good points.)