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    Need to find a substitute for damage reduction
    Why not impose a penalty on 1 hit?
    Give players a choice, for example, you choose a damage buff, and the opponent chooses survivability in case of 100% less damage; upon impact, for each hit is reduced to 10%. Now the game is similar to who will make it faster with 1 hit of the or return the bans.

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    Hi Zakarum,

    I'm terribly sorry, but I am having trouble understanding what your suggestion is, and the screenshots do not make it clear.

    Can you elaborate on what you are trying to suggest?

    Thank you.


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      Hold up if I am reading this right you want a selectable one time effect to reduce damage taken from said shot down to 10% of its full damage is that what your saying Zakarum. Because if that is the case this is a bad idea for both suggestions as what your saying is imbalanced much like Ali already is.
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        I think that in order to protect yourself from such teams, you need to add something like a buff that can absorb 100% damage, every minute the damage increases until gk dies. You successfully resist attacks, taking part of the damage not immediately, but within 10 seconds. The amount of delayed damage depends on the reduction of damage. It acts on penetrating shocks, but in this case the efficiency is 35%, that is, it gives resistance to penetrating shocks 35%. Then it will make more sense with healing teams. You can also add a new damage absorption feature. There will be something against the increase in damage reduces damage taken by 20% to 50% for 20 minutes, while the more damage, the more it decreases. Damage increases 20-50% after 20 minutes.
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          In general, all this must be checked 10 times, anything can be invented. I hope you check.


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            Not sure I like the idea given how it could just wind up being abused on top of the other problems live has like dcing to force an opponent into auto mode and unable to let them act and reconnecting.