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The poor state of balance and attempted fixxes.

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    Originally posted by vidman View Post
    Really did not even feel like logging into record this gpl match but had this been a cypher and pang instead of vonchi and miho this actually would of been an impossible to beat matchup and even then it still went to time out and i had a very large power gap in my favor which meant absolutely nothing 19 minutes for a single match to time out and to barely win on score is down right insulting and this video shows you exactly whats up when you aren't part of the flock running easy mode. Enjoy the video because i sure did not.Seems there was some audio reverb on the video unfortunately
    Holy hell..., 19 minutes, for a SINGLE MATCH. 1 more minute, and you'd literally be generating battle balls faster than you can use them!


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      Yea but here is the thing you cannot beat an Ali at all unless the entire universe lines up and luck decides to be on your side for that one shot other wise he will heal to full and this wasn't even a "good Ali" a good Ali will have pang which if you ask me the nerf was meaningless edr still is basically unbeatable when it comes to Ali meanwhile as stated it's virtually impossible to use a long shooter without active refresh as even ura is incapable of doing sufficient damage 90% of the time your better off using xenon who can flat out one shot or cypher/vonchi everything else is largely useless.


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        In the latest Dev Notes on Facebook, one user hilariously summed up the truth of what we've been saying here. I love how the devs always try to pass off the broken whale-bait imbalance as if it were an honest mistake.

        [Quote from Dev Note]
        "In recent seasons, Ali and Catharsis are players who have been used more than ever in the higher tiers of Galaxy Super League.

        While Ali is vulnerable during early stages of the match, and can face some trouble against long-range shooters, he is overall incredibly durable as he grows stronger throughout the match. He has forced users to run specific players or strategies just to deal with him, which can be unsatisfactory as a user.

        In the case for Catharsis, even after some nerfs, she is still one of those players who can dominate a game with her presence, thanks to her powerful effects that can easily swing the momentum of a match. We will begin Legendary Balancing for the first half of 2020, starting with these two."

        [User's Re-Phrasing / What we all know to be reality.]
        "In recent seasons, players who pay for the game paid a hefty sum to get those two game-breaking overly-powerful players. Yes, there's no reason why you shouldn't see them in higher tiers of Galaxy Super League.

        Ali is vulnerable during early stages of the match, but put a quick defense line with slow debuffs and you should be immortal. Nuff said.

        Catharsis is a cheat-code equivalent of a player, and I don't think we need to explain why.

        So yeah. We know they are powerful since release. Heck, we designed them to be this frustrating. Now that people bought them, we're ready for nerfs--BALANCING!! We meant Balancing... Starting with these two."

        HAHAHAHAH....., that was beautiful.


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          DalgI, why would she take away her actuality? It can be made easier so that she does not resurrect for free, but for the spirit for every resurrected ally, and so did the Cathars.Ali just raise the shield reload by 13 minutes.