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The poor state of balance and attempted fixxes.

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  • The poor state of balance and attempted fixxes.

    Going to get straight to the point big ball is continually failing to deliver any positives. Going to start with pre existing issues Dalgi an extremely overpowered global combined with revive still has not been addressed for a year now why is this? Catharsis while they did attempt at balance still is very strong when paired with the likes of raph and presty one of which received a unnecessary buff when you factor in the presence of pang. On to the main topic the newest legendary Ali is completely broken in that if you do not take out on the first shot literally becomes unable to be knocked out as the active provides immense healing that basically ignores the effect of gravity down when combined with the egos both that have 100% coop and cannot be knocked out further fueled by an active that is easily refreshed it's easy to see this one is a real game breaker with very little counter play (people who use ali already attest to this fact). Meanwhile we have legends that get mocked as weak (William poor spot as a striker) (kirna literally might be one of the worst and easiest to handle gk of them all) (baltheon just completely overshadowed by pure utility of dalgi and jibril) anyone who plays should be able to see these facts, meanwhile we can't forget that in the issue to try and fix bugs they make matters worse lif was a prime example of this received a completely unnecessary buff. All in all soccer spirits is in a very poor state and continually stays this way patch after patch and this is likely the last time I will try and get something out about it as it feels like the developers and crew have giving up on doing anything.
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    Also the fact, that someone found Fantasista from BB looking for a publisher for a Q1 release next year which is essentially 3D Soccer Spirits with pretty much the same systems and similar gemplay just in 3D, does not bode well even if they say a separate development team is working on it.

    Dalgi have been broken since her EE was released, we got no adjustment to her kit, and now she is classic, so pretty much half my club bought her me included. You need a 6 min passer now in this meta, and if you also need a resser, you gotta buy her.

    Strikers are in a poor state, the 2 usable strikers are Cypher and Vonchi really, and everything else is pretty bad thx to some of the elemental EDR units being super popular (Yuki,Pang) Miri (thx to Ein and pang) is bad, William is considered bad, Leventor thx to the arrival of Ali and Yuki+Pang being prominent, is bad

    Also next ardor legend should be a striker so it is not in their best interest to fix William

    Kirna as you wrote is in a poor state thx to the fact, that mono thunder needs a 4 front to do any damage(if it is using leventor), and mono can't keep up a high enough CR with a 3 back, not to mention with the arrival of longshooter meta, you can just bypass Kirna's Cr reduction without a problem

    The predictions to Ali looks to be coming true, you either 1 shot Ali, or you won't be taking him down.

    Any 5 star unit that is not a supplementary unit is nerfed even before they could get any usage (eg.: Vaidi) or who could give a proper counterplay to a unit (eg.:Valerie)

    We are getting just bad 5 star units all around really...Karin is trash, Dreadnaught is trash etc... and we are not getting adjustments to their kits..some of the older 5 stars are just staight up not used at all, we don't get much adjustments to their kits, and even if they do adjust kits they make unit super nieche (eg.:Lilith is now a super nieche unit...andof course she buffs male players that people rarely use outside of Cypher in dark, and the skill does not apply to units that are genderbent with a skin to female...)...the only good adjustment I can remember is a buff to Vitos

    Also we are not getting units that we desperately need..we need a CR totem backline defender for ardor, we don't have a defender that is good and provides CR for ardor ...we need a new CM option or backline defender option for dark, we got 2 useless strikers that pretty much no1 uses because their kits are terrible

    Also yes the Lif fiasko was just terrible really, badly worded and executed buff to lif that suggest they were unable to fix a trigger condition so they just replaced itwith a better condition, and they also slapped 10% more DR on her even when they previously mentioned that they will only balance legends before championsip if absolutely necessary

    And this behavior triggered one of the veteran players to just make a video of releasing all his legends (Exis amongst these legends) giving a relatively strong statement about the state of the game in general

    I will also leave a link here of the 50 second video:

    Not to mention the network issues all around the game, and if you get any network pop up at the end of any of your GSL or GCl matches, your point gain is cut by half...for some people if a match is longer than 10 minutes the pop up nearly always appears cutting point gain by half for every time the pop up happens...last season I had a tourney with 4 network pop ups, resulting in a total point gain of 4 points in plat even though I won all 4 of the matches

    I lost around 120 DStones probably thx to this because my climb was hindered, and I doubt we are getting DS compensations for the network errors
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      Couldn't agree more well said

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    Thank you for bringing up these points.

    Please note that even if we do not respond to each thread, we are actively scouring the communities for feedback, and many of the topics brought up are things the team has been well aware of.

    Your concerns have been, and will continue to be presented to the developers.

    As mentioned in our post made on November 14th, we wanted to assure users that support for Soccer Spirits will continue, even in light of recent news of another title in the works.

    As such, a general roadmap for 2020 will revealed some time this month.

    Neonflux , regarding the network issues, I have reported it to the developers already. From what we are aware of, there is not a widespread connection issue, but targeting certain users. It is very hard to pinpoint, and may even be a matter outside of our control. While they are still looking into the matter, please let me know if you and others are still experiencing these specific disconnects at the end of each match. We are trying to see the extent of how many people are affected by this.

    Furthermore, you should also consider working directly with your ISP provider to see if are there firewalls or other restrictions placed that may cause instability in the connection.



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      As for the internet connection issues i can further verify these facts of instability and it isn't isp related i have been connected to wireless systems getting speeds of up to 70-100mbps and data network with speeds of 50mbps and soccer spirits will still behave the same getting the hamster wheel of death which does cause point losses in any league matches.

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      I know you report every issue directly to BB Nyan, we all know, and we are all grateful for it.
      To be honest it should not matter why I DC from a match is my point.
      Point loss due to a disconnect be at my end, BBs end or even an end "outside BBs control" should not take points away.

      If I go to Epic seven play an arena match and in the extremely rare occasionthat I lose connection for some reason at the end I get a warning, and if I regain my connectiona and tap ok , I will get my fixed 14 points in masters for winning and 6 points for losing, not more, not less.

      I don't care about the network error I really do not. It could pop up as many times as it wants since it just goes away after I press retry. But we need a fixed point gain because point gain have been a problem, people were having problems with point gain (certain people getting an all around bad point gain, or just random all around point for a win or a loss...people don't even know what point gain is supposed be be for each bracket, only from other people who also play), and we need the system to not take away points for a disconnect if you can reconnect.

      Also ISP probably have nothing to do with it, and I can't just go to my ISP because 1 mobile game is losing connection when I'm doing GSL or GCL... Raid works , E7 works, MMOs work, youtube videos load in and play smoothly

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    I never expected threads to received an active response but am aware they are watched however in this case things have to be handled properly neonflux makes many solid points to go with the topic at hand that said buffing x y z unit will not work in this case the problems will still remain and nothing would change the solutions are obvious yet i do not expect anything to change given how things are/have been handled i could layout what actually needs to happen but feels like it would be a waste of everyones time.


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      At least attempt it vidman.
      I'm trying my best on reddit to reply to new people to keep them interested in SS, since I like the systems in SS and the game in general, and I want to keep up new player interest as much as I can.

      Also if the nework issue is out of BB's reach, at least fix the pointgain.

      Imma link some comments regarding it. It is a problem and most people do not make official forum accounts and reply regarding the problems. Also hard to report pointgain, when you do not know how many points you are supposed to get in which bracket...

      Point gain inconsistency have been a problem and the network issue is just making it even worse.

      Point gain should not be inconsistent, it should be a fixed amount for a bracket for every1
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        Much as I would like to neon the only thing that's going to have any notable effect is more people actually taking part in this thread I know a fair amount who know and admit to what's killing the game getting them to actually discuss it publically is unlikely to happen but we already know exactly what it is that needs to be addressed and given how they will not balance any legends prior to the korean pvp event coming up it's fruitless. As for new players they will eventually hit that point where they run into the same problems as everyone else and either keep at it or give up because right now at the top end the player base is bleeding off as it's no longer rock paper scissors but rather hammer smashes all since it's you either have these specific legends or simply cannot effectively deal with it which is extremely frustrating when it comes to any pvp aspect.


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          Alright so going to point out everything be it player or other issue that is currently negatively impacting things. Warning big wall of text.

          Network connection many people have pointed this one out and could be any number of things one thing i do notice is that it happens most frequently at the title screen and at the main screen and the possible suspects could possible be the large number of ads and pops up that you get causing alot of action to occur,this also happens with using match skip tickets you are almost guaranteed to get a connection loss prompt and a recovery shortly after. This also happens during matches and can cause losses as a result.

          Dalgi -The global revive and global speed buff are both to strong in effect and should have been handled a long time ago its nearly the equivalent of a free ace for the action of a pass it has to simple of a condition on the revive portion and the speed bonus causes an an imbalance in the speed between teams forcing you to take an ace to just try and counter act it while still dealing with a team that has literally two aces in effect for free.

          Jibril -Biggest issue i can find here is partially the heal/revive again pairing to effectively with other sources like dalgi/catharsis, however in live you can abuse jibril under certain conditions with the active reset and by purposefully knocking her out to gain the "Reverse sanctuary passive" which can be problematic depending on the situation and what goal keeper they are using.

          Catharsis -Yes was pretty much instantly nerfed for an easily guessed reason. Biggest issues with catharsis being the line support is rather strong but this depends more on the goalkeepers in use will discuss later down the post.Primary imbalance comes from being yet another source of healing and extremely potent debuff in the form of fear despite being short in duration can easily make assists in auto mode burn active passes which is not exactly fair when your assists have a 10m cooldown vs 6m cooldown you know who i am talking about. Also makes askelaad further seem like a niche weak choice which already is outside of pve.

          Presty - This goal keeper might have been fine if didn't get slightly overbuffed but really is compounded by the presence just by chains from pang which takes presty to a very high amount of durability normally i would not find this an issue but certain legends and 5s are overbearing when it comes to presty namely anything that can provide high amounts of critical damage resist coupled with the elemental damage reduction from pang it makes using strikers that are effected by pang much less effective when you start adding in legends like catharsis dalgi and jibril "Just use vonchi is what everyone else will say"

          Raphaela - Almost the same issue as presty has incredible durability under the right conditions with strong supporting legends and 5s but yet again you can trace issues back to dalgi catharsis and jibril and select 5s. I would consider raphaela and presty balanced if not for the over bearing presence of the legends and combo of specific elemental defenses used with them.

          Lif/Ragnarok - A complete mistake to issue a buff to a unit that was already incredibly strong and effective for lacking a means to correct an issue there is no literal counter effect to having your entire teams spirit generation cut to 0 on top of the fact you can achieve extremely high amounts of reflex without having to even equip any reflex stones (can achieve between 5000-6000 reflex just from self passive and own stats on top of being able to equip full coop defense stones and maintaining high damage reduction on top of this making only the strongest of attackers the safest way to deal with this issue weaker attackers will fail (bonus easily counter attacks felix by completely overpowering his reflex even with 3 reflex stones so much for elemental advantage)

          Ali - At first glance really didn't seem that impressive but with a simple bug fix and the right conditions can be rendered unable to be taken down as these alter egos have 100% coop defense rate cannot ever be knocked out and heavily reduce damage taken by ali to the point you will deal negative damage and instead full heal him continuously as you can abuse his active cooldown reset fairly easily. Passive unbreakable will when combined with the active ability three wishes more or less nullifies the effect of gravity down some testing with the active up and attacking a felix four times recovered 1000 hp on ali just from felix passive astral agony this amount increases drastically when the active skill is up when being attacked easily healing for 2000 hp or more reminds me of the time gravity down was added to combat over excessive healing.

          Legends that could actually need help Baltheon (and never thought i would say this William) and Kirna. Baltheon like other assists is pretty much brushed aside just because of jibril and dalgis presence in 3 fronts being more then what he could offer,power wise that said does he really need a buff he is easily still the strongest assist a buff could be a bad/good idea. William presty and raph make him obsolete with the usual lineup of legends would need discussion from others on this matter. Kirna could very well be considered the worst goal keeper presently still remains in a nerfed state with an active cooldown that is to long for the amount of shots taken and the barrier easily is taken down in 1-2 shots meanwhile you are still sitting with a 5-8 min cooldown and cant do anything since the healing only comes from active passes which you can work around in manual by not using them. And as neonflux stated assists with 10 min active cooldown are lacking only because of dalgi's presence and passives. And the final fact you have critical 5* players for any given element that are long using outdated passives that are lacking and actives that are completely useless Veronica comes to mind for most ineffective active when you look that jibril felix catharsis and dalgi all do it for free.And one final point live pvp now being blind mode being unable to see the opponent is a downside since you can't even properly assemble a team try and defend against it. That is the end of my post feel free to talk and add points because someone has to.

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            Healing was always an issue to be honest, and it was taken out on the Active healers instead of the on condition passive healers

            I have suggested before a diminishing returns to healing, which would simply cut healing by half every time a new healing source is would render comps with multiple healing sources and units less optimal, but won't force people to run only 1 healer in the meantime...

            Could also be possible to add in a condition, that if you get healed by a 3rd source, you get a revive block or overheal effect, that won't allow the unit to revive, or revive for a certain period of time

            Jibril is too potent, and have the same problem people had with Seres and Metatron, she does not need to act or do anything to be useful , you kill her the enemy team gets a buff, and if you have felix on mid, he can res her, you will always trigger her teamwide buff if you go through her again and again...her condition needs a Cooldown, and if you run Presty and the enemy can't active pass, she can trigger her heal effect multiple times off normal passes between the 2 passers, so her condition is also extremely good

            Dalgi was dumb when she got her EE...that speed totems was totally unnecessary, and it creates scenarios where you lose thx to speed disadvantage, also lately the frequency of active passes seem to matter more than the actual these 6 min passes are problematic in my is the source of so many soloshot scenarios...but if some of her features gets nerfed, she should get more pass in her kit in my opinion, because right now she is all about speed, her speed teamwide buff and resurrect (she is the only res unit in my team, so I would love to keep her res, and just toy around with healing in general)

            As for Presty I'm kinda going to defend her for 1 reason and 1 reason alone, she is the only GK who's self buff is also detrimental to her...spirit stone effects are increased on her, that also means negative effects are also increased on her...and lately long shooters have became common, and they run full UQ and LUQ debuff fronts, and every single UQ and LUQ debuff effect is multiplied for Presty

            But yeah the root of most problems come from EDR totems...they shouldn't exist...some very popular EDR units are keeping so many strikers from widespread use....

            The sad part about the Catharsis nerf is that she was only nerfed this fast because BB realized, that her fear effects can pretty much ruin the championship that was about to come up...I'm fairly certain they would not have touched her for a long time, if she came out after the championship

            Ali have many problems, and one of the problems is, that effects that would get multiplied with multiple targets, do not work on the mirages...It is hard to judge Ali now, since it is GCL, need more testing when GSl hits really

            Kirna needs a buff clearly, since her CR debuff can be bypassed(Long shooters, cypher..etc.), and it is not enough..she is not tanky enough, her shield is nothing since DR does not apply to it..and the biggest problem in mono thunder, that if you run 3 man back you won't have enough CR...if you run 4 back, you won't have enough power on front (at least not with anything other than a Uranus)

            Lot of 5 stars need a buff or rework, we are getting some, but it looks like an endless cycle, especially when you need to also buff most new star players cuz they are bad on release (like Ranaelen, or Karin)
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              Presty also isn't really effected at the same time by that double edge as still has upwards of 78-80+ Dr coupled with 1000+ defense pen resist and critical damage resist stacked up to 110-140 fairly easily. As for edr either they get changed to only provide resistance to vs weakness only or the secondary edr is weaker in effect then the primary edr never made sense to me why nerua was ww/light. And as for Ali almost anyone who uses already admits he is ridiculously over powered to a level not seen since the days of when william had extreme power simply by existing.
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            I wholeheartedly agree on the state of Kirna. When she was nerfed, it was just plain overkill, and now unless you have obscene amounts of crit resistance, Kirna doesn't even stand a chance (especially against strikers like Miri, which can get well over 350% crit rate with full active and buffs).

            When they nerfed her, they should have increased the spirit cost of her active OR increase the cooldown (not both). By nerfing both, she is pretty much guaranteed to be a sitting duck once a couple shots are in.

            Presty, Ein, and Raph all play like legendaries should. Kirna doesn't even come close. She might as well be a slightly better 5-star at this point.


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              The 2019 pvp stream basically was everything in this thread in motion it was a very good case prover you don't need to wait for gsl now Neonflux


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                Well, I tried to edit my last post, but something I said keeps getting flagged (though I have no idea what).

                At any rate, what's been said in this thread is sad, but true. This game is spiraling downward. It's sad to watch too, because the core game itself is one of my favorites across all mobile gaming. Their whole "whale bait" approach has been going on for so long, it's expected, but this current season is a whole new level of unfairness that just kills all manner of enjoyment.


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                  Originally posted by Neonflux View Post
                  This behavior triggered one of the veteran players to just make a video of releasing all his legends (Exis amongst these legends) giving a relatively strong statement about the state of the game in general

                  I will also leave a link here of the 50 second video:
                  I'm considering doing the same thing to my account. As much as I've loved this game over the years, BB has gotten so flagrantly unfair with their latest character releases (10 minutes of play testing would have given any intellectually-honest person ample evidence that these players like Ali and Catharsis were grossly overpowered. They knew EXACTLY what they were doing).

                  There was a time when, even with powerful legends, they usually had some weakness. Some counter. Now, there is no counter. You get the latest whale-bait, or you lose. End of story.


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                    It's unacceptable that they do not address Ali immediately for how overwhelmingly broken he is kirna by comparison is literally considered extremely bad to the point of being worse then most 5* goalies. You can go 40+ min shooting an Ali won't be dropped below 80% hp but should a kirna somehow survive to that point you'll be lucky to have 400hp left because that barrier is more or less useless as it goes down in one shot and your left with a very long cooldown making kirna even worse. I am going to say it right now Ali is worthy of an immediate hot nerf regardless of patch timing and we got to see this request happen on live stream when the contestants themselves had the backbone to say it in person.


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                      Well at least there is a counter to his active in some sense in the form of curod,the new ww striker or longshooters

                      But there is no definitive counter, since most longshooters require dalgi-jibril to work,Curod can be countered with Bell and so on

                      The new striker looks super powercreep looking at the other newer strikers in comparison

                      It feels weird that the new ww striker seems super good while all the other newer strikers feel trash for the most part and we got no balance patch to fix them up..where are the good old usage graphs of how many people are actually using stuff...the new 5 star striker usage, even in GCL should be abysmally low

                      I have considered on multiple occasions to drop my Kirna and just put in a Raklet...she is really bad right now...I would value Jin least he have a block

                      I could pretty much just roll with most balance bs, I'm used to it by now, desenitised really.
                      What I can't roll with is that because of the new legends , matches tend to drag on for quite a bit, and I still have the issue if a match drags on for more than around 10-12 mins I get the pop up, that my connection is bad(which is not true since it disappears when I click retry), and my final pointgain gets cut by half, I'm not the only one experiencing this and there have been no update or workaround about it (I don't care if they can't fix the connection issues, make pointgain fixed..I won 4 matches in diamond give me 30 points like most people, not 15..)

                      Also I'm pretty sure the same issue is causing this connection error as the skip tickets connection lost issue. Since it only happens to some people and others can use skip tickets just fine. But I have read so many reddit posts aking about why the tickets dc you...

                      Right now I'm playing KOF and E7 more than SS, since I have 0 motivation to climb ladder in a game that handicaps my climb when other games have no connectivity issues, and I feel like in the case of E7 that the devs value the players a lot more...ohh yeah and I have 0 problem with connection in PvP modes in literally any other mobile game I play, be it Valkirie Autonomia,Kof,E7,Elune the Arknights beta that I tried etc.
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                        Really did not even feel like logging into record this gpl match but had this been a cypher and pang instead of vonchi and miho this actually would of been an impossible to beat matchup and even then it still went to time out and i had a very large power gap in my favor which meant absolutely nothing 19 minutes for a single match to time out and to barely win on score is down right insulting and this video shows you exactly whats up when you aren't part of the flock running easy mode. Enjoy the video because i sure did not.Seems there was some audio reverb on the video unfortunately
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