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Let us decide the coin flip in CoT

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  • Let us decide the coin flip in CoT

    This suggestion is plain and simple.

    Since CoT supposed to be like a challange mode anyway, let us actually decide if we want to start with the ball or not.

    Right now CoT is a huge BP sink on some CoT floors where starting with the ball or the enemy starting with the ball is the optimal way of starting the match.

    Most fast CoT clear methods on some floors rely on reflex steal and/or starting ab, which is rng in and of itself, and on top we need the match to start right.

    It is extremely frustrating when you try to crack a match, and you can't even test the frontline efficiently, because like 6 out of 8 times the match starts with the wrong coin, and the other 2 times the reflex steal or ab is not going your way.

    We don't get way enough BP to sink hundreds into bad coin flips.

    So my suggestion is to let us decide the coin flip for CoT. This way you spend your BP making progress towards cracking a floor instead of sinking it, because the coin flip did not go the way you want it to.

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    Yes a thousand times.

    the cot is already a time sink. Wasting additional time is not fun.

    I'd also like to add this choice for BOTH Dimension Bosses AND Superb Boss matches.


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      I also wish we could disable all EXP gains from COT. Some matches are so stringent on TA requirements that any leveling can disqualify your carefully-balanced team from entry.