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PLEASE, make the Exhibition "Club Match" take us to the ACTUAL, FULL CLUB MENU!

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  • PLEASE, make the Exhibition "Club Match" take us to the ACTUAL, FULL CLUB MENU!

    When you tap on the "Club" menu button from the main screen, it takes me to the main (full) club menu, where I can check-in, access the club shop, etc. There are THREE tabs on the top of the screen, and I can easily navigate between them as needed.

    However, the "Club Match" button under the Exhibition menu takes us to a stripped down version of the club menu where ONLY the Club Match tab is available. That means if I want to get to the other tabs from that stripped down club menu, I have to click all the way back through the main menu to get to those other tabs!

    This is absurd. Why can't they just make the Exhibition "Club Match" button take us to the FULL / COMPLETE / THREE-TAB CLUB MENU. The stripped-down, single-tab menu that only allows club matches SHOULD NOT EVEN EXIST.

    This Club Menu issue seems like such as simple fix, and it's been requested for YEARS now. Any effort you can give on this issue would be appreciated!
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    Another easy fix which does a lot for daily usage.


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      Hello Shipwrecksos,

      There are plans to continue revamping the UI across all of the game, so I am hesitant to bring up this suggestion as there are many more changes in store.

      I ask that you hold out a bit longer.

      Thank you.