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Galaxy Super League and Galaxy Challenge League Win Rate

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  • Galaxy Super League and Galaxy Challenge League Win Rate

    It's very simple idea. Let us see Win Rate when we climb GSL or GCL. Win Rate is 0% at the start of the season and resets at the start of the new season.
    It will help to build more effective team and give us competitive aspects. Because, you know, any team can climb to Galaxy League if you play enough but you don't know how effective team is. It's preferable if we can see Wins and Loses too.

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    Hello, this is not the first time this suggestion has appeared.

    Thing is, there are people who do not play with the same team. Sometimes it's as simple as one player change, maybe a completely different deck slot, or what about minor changes like Spirit Stones? What exactly should win-rate measure as there are many different factors that can be changed between each match? Should there be one for every different team, or change made? I think it is not so simple unless you want a flat win-rate for the user, not per team.


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      Keep track of it yourself.

      a player win rate just shows they either know what they're doing with the tools they have or are getting screwed over by rng.

      besides. Crap like Catharsis is a whole new level of screwing with win rates because a team win can be denied just because that horrible character got her brain dead mechanic off