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Currant status of Dimension Boss

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  • Currant status of Dimension Boss

    1. Participating in other player's low level matches are unprofitable. Pls consider bcuz there's limited tickets and fail comes too often cuz no one wants to play! They all want the 41-50 lvl. I am not even talking about inactive playerbase who just logins for rewards and does couple of matches.
    2. Promotion tickets don't help. It's useless. Bcuz of 1. and no one sees them.
    3. Pls make notification Icon for Found Match in main menu.
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    Thank you for the suggestions, I will pass them to the developers.


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      I would like to see the Dimension Boss feature turned into an actual MODE (and not just a random chance monster that you fight). The RNG aspect makes it impossible to "get into" this type of battle, because just when you start getting excited about it you're either 1) out of tickets, or 2) hitting an unlucky streak where you don't see a boss appear for hours at a time.

      I'd rather see it have its own dedicated menu and mode (similar to the Coliseum) with the RNG aspects of it completely removed.