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Please buff "Leaf of Nodhile" Unique stone to match the power of its alternatives!

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  • Please buff "Leaf of Nodhile" Unique stone to match the power of its alternatives!

    The whirlwind unique stone called "Leaf of Nodhile" (Increases Reflex by 20% / Creates a shield equivalent to 70% of base HP at start of match) desperately needs a buff to be fair / viable compared to similar stones. For example, the ardor unique stone "Crystalized Crimson Jade" grants a 25% increase to reflex, and decreases damage from enemy penetrations and steals by 25% FOR THE ENTIRE MATCH (not just a piddly shield at the beginning, that will likely be gone after a single hit in upper-league PVP).

    Here are the in-game descriptions for your reference and comparison (with both stones powered up to +15):

    Increases the reflex by 20%.
    Creates a shield that's equivalent to 70% of your basic HP when the match starts. (Only applied at the beginning)
    Decreases the damage coming from enemy penetrations or steals by 25%
    Increases the reflex by 25%.
    So not only does the ardor stone give more reflex, but it gives ongoing decreased damage benefit, instead of a single-hit benefit (or double-hit, at best). I could go through other examples of poor balance in Unique spirit stones, but this particular whirlwind stone is so blatantly inferior to its ardor counterpart, I think it is reasonable to ask for a slight buff on its behalf (both in the reflex given and the shield mechanics).

    Some suggestions on how to close the gap between these stones (these are just ideas / any or all of these changes would be appreciated):
    1) Increase the Reflex granted on Leaf of Nodhile from 20% to 25% (to match Crystalized Crimson Jade).
    2) Make the shield at the beginning of the match scale off of MAX HP instead of merely BASE HP.
    3) Make the shield partially recharge whenever the player performs an action (e.g. shield regains 50% of its power when the player performs an action), or
    4) Make the shield gradually recharge at fixed intervals (e.g. shield regains 50% of its power every 5 minutes of match time).

    As I mentioned, ANY combination of those suggested changes would help the situation greatly. Thank you for any consideration you're willing to give to this issue!
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    I would have to agree.

    I attempted to use it in an hp focused composition to get the absolute most out of the stone and unfortunately even then the shield is most likely gone in one shot, and against a yolo team you're still dead in live pvp.

    my setup was Raklet with Ermaltion/Leaf, her affection chain, an HP Ace and as much hp as possible within the line and globally (Aslan Yeo Jung nerua etc). A standard team is not going to kill you in one in live, and in Galaxy Super League yolos likely won't kill you in one either. Thing is, this isn't going to last you in the long run and what you're giving up offensively isn't worth it

    at best it prevents a gk from being one shot. But at that point any other proper luq does this better.

    buffing reflex to 25% is a Gimmie buff. This is a courtesy buff but I rather they ignore that in favor of its shield.

    however I am a bit miffed on having it recharge. I don't think that's healthy especially with brick walls like Presty and Raph or players that already have barriers like Kirna.

    I think maybe having the barrier be treated like normal HP (where defense/dr impacts the shield as well) would work.

    as it stands it's hyper-niche, but I don't think it beats other meta stones in its own niche of surviving yolos.
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