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  • Valkia

    Can the devs give us more details on the Valkia nerf reasoning? The notes are quite vague.

    This is a SEVERE hampering to PVE content and the fact that a recall is being offered when anyone with any experience in the game knows full well that there are Z E R O 4 stars that approach her uses.

    Oh and, let me recall her for Zach. Thanks..

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    I think they could have handled it in a better way. She holds a very specific role in PvE and no one can do her job as well as she does. I'm quite irritated about this, and I'm not taking Raphy into acount.


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      I actually use her for at least 3 different superb boss matches. (Alice Edward and one more that escapes me. On top of people using me for COT specifically because i built mine.


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        1. revert the nerf and come up with a different solution instead of screwing up PvE.

        2. Give out a reasonable compensation for recalling her, recalling her for another completely useless 4* player is just throwing away all your resources. Possible compensations:
        - 3-6 6* Mera to every player that has a 7 star Valkia
        - 1 slot reroll ticket to every player that has a rerolled Valkia
        - make an exception and recall her for a 5 star base player excluding APU, at least then you have a viable option. Something on par with the regular recall system.
        Easier solution would be the top 2.


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          they probably changed her because they are planning to put in a new character with similar ability. . . thats what I'm thinking anyway. Valkia is like the most used 4* which I don't think BB wants us to be using 4* and rather for us to use 5* and up. Thats what I'm guessing. Doesn't bother me too much, her change still makes her useful still. that -25% speed in position is quite high for a 4*


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            Because a live pvp tournament was coming up and bb knowing this didn't want a 45 min match of endless passing being the highlight of the live invitational so valkia was very likely nerfed because of that. They chose the wrong thing to nerf and everyone called it out.