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Auto next in CoI and CoD

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  • Auto next in CoI and CoD

    I have a team that can auto to 40 coi consistently

    I want to sleep

    I sleep and only do 1

    This happens for 7 days, I only have 7 coi

    Can we have a auto next button for Coi and Cot? I can't imagine anyone having to constantly change teams (not like we have a choice). Only downside is you eventually next to a lost but thats okay because:

    - CoD has no penalty for losing other than bp cost
    - CoI has a free retry

    This way it is more convient than me sitting down and spamming coi and inevitably sleep. This way I can just auto to my max and then take it from there

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    Many mobile games have an "Auto-Proceed" function of sorts. I don't think this is an unreasonable request.

    Of course, I'm not the one making the decision here, though. It'd be a nice feature for sure.


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      Yes, please! I barely do Colosseums because I don't have time to keep watching the game grinding for me...and, when I have time for that, the last I want to do is to watch the game grind or play a mode I don't care about until it reaches higher floors.

      This idea has my full support.


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        Good idea. lets quickly get to the stage where we need to pay attention