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  • Club Feature Rework

    CONSIDERING how an optimal experience at this game demands having a good amount of setups to adjust into and deal with whatever the challenge is (PvE or PvP);

    CONSIDERING how maxing a Character (not even including APU here) demands a lot of materials, such as Penguins/Kumas, Littres/dupes, Swirlies/Beelzebubs, stones, not to mention Gold, GP and Crystals;

    CONSIDERING that the ever growing number of Characters and Unique Spirit Stones makes it gradually tougher to get the exact Character or Stone you want, even with the changes within the upcoming major patch;

    CONSIDERING that an online game's longevity is directly related to the amount of active players and how they interact with each other; AND

    CONSIDERING that Clubs are a crucial part of the social aspect withing the game...or at least should be;

    I would like to propose a COMPLETE (well, at least imho) rework of the Club Feature, which would include the following, without prejudice of additional features/changes:

    1) Removal of the Club Check-in button

    When you access the Club feature, you're already making yourself active, there's no point in having to tap a button for the sole purpose of saying "I'm here". The change I propose here is that, provided the Check-in time is done or refreshed by use of items, all the player would have to do would be to enter the club feature and the game would automatically consider the clubmate check-in as done, no need for extra tapping. If a player checked-in, entered the Club Scout, purchased a Check-in reset and used, all he/she would have to do would be to return to the Club feature main screen and voilá, check-in triggers again.

    2) Reduce building levels to 5

    Progressing on the "My Club" section can be insanely boring when the buildings reach higher levels, especially when you have already maxed the others. New investment points take a VERY long time to come once your Club's level is high enough and makes the progress borderline letargic, so I suggest we remove the current level 1 bonuses, replace them with the current level 2 bonuses and keep the same maxed bonuses, now at level 5. This would give a greater profit to the newer clubs, while making the progress less painful for the bigger ones.

    3) Hall of Fame and Press Room

    In order to make Clubs more appealing and motivate players into joining them, I suggest we add two more buildings to the "My Club" section, namely Hall of Fame and Press Room. The former would give an amount of crystals based on the building level and the latter would give GP. I believe 10 crystals for a level 5 Hall of Fame and 30 GP for a level 5 Press Room would be appropriate.

    4) Club Promotion Matches

    In similar fashion to Player Promotion Matches, Club Promotion Matches would be challenges to promote clubmates' players and give nice rewards. They would change every two weeks and players would have to take a clubmate's player, who, in similar fashion to the Player Promotion, would replace an unit from whatever squad the clubmate decides to use, depending on the role of the player. Rewards would be given to all clubmates, based on the number of milestones they reach.

    5) Club Match Season rewards

    This one's pretty obvious: give Clubs a REAL reward once the season ends. Rewards would be both collective and individual. While collective rewards are self-explanatory, the individual ones would be based on each clubmate's performance: those who attacked more, those who got more stars, those who farmed more points (the higher the rank of the stadium, the better for that), those who gave less points to the opposing clubs during the matches, those who defended more, those who had the best defenses (a ratio of number of attacks suffered and average of stars defended) and those who supported more.


    That's all for now. I look forward to your opinions.

    P.S: What do you think of the idea of "Club Alliances"?
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    Hello, thank you for taking the time to write these suggestions.

    I'd like to hear other user thoughts on this matter since it will be a rather large undertaking if the developers were to implement these.
    The more support, the better. Or perhaps other ideas and areas for improvements.


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      Some feedback from the others would be great. Let's hope that they reply, now that you already made clear that you're aware of it.


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        Re: club matches, something that's come up recurrently in my conversations with some clubmates is the regret that we're no longer able to use each other's teams in this mode. Seeing how players/teams take considerable time to fully develop, and assuming that others might also be curious about using teams different from the ones they've used forever, I think reincorporating this feature into really any of the existing game modes would make the game a bit more interesting, add to the social aspect of the game, etc etc. I don't have any specific suggestions, this is more to express that a return of team sharing is something at least a few of us are keenly interested in.


        More in direct response to op, I fully agree with point 5 and am confused but interested in point 4 - it incorporates team sharing but involves only one unit, which just feels like using their ace (lmk if I've missed something). Merging teams though is another fun idea that might be worth exploring.

        I think points 1-3 come off more as QoL changes to me in terms of influence, ie. I like the proposed ideas but am not sure how impactful these small changes would be in the grand scheme of things.


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          I like the ideas from Pax as well, though Suggestion 4 would take an immense amount of development work. Items 1,2,3, and 5 would seem to be much simpler to implement.

          ADDITIONAL SUGGESTION: If I could make an addition, I would say that club scout points should NOT reset with each club season. You already have hard-limits set on how many suits and power-up stones people can buy in a given season, which prevents whales from gaining power too quickly. BUT, for people in smaller clubs, when you're struggling along to save up for those Suits and power-up stones, it's a slap in the face to have that work taken away from you, especially when you're ALMOST at the amount you need, but matches have ended for the season. I've had multiple club seasons where I had over 250 club scout points, but couldn't quite get the suit I wanted. As soon as the next season started, those points were GONE.


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            I 100% agree with Pax's 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th suggestion.

            And for the 4th, club promotion matchjust taking the idea of the Player promotion match is meh. Player promotion match was suppose to be SS answer to a Boss Raid where you can just join random people to come together and kill a boss but imo only low level players require assistance in killing bosses. Would like to see some statistics of how popular the Player Promotion Match is to see if making a club promotion match would make sense. I would expect the club match would be more popular and if so BB could just remove player promotion match and change it to a club promotion match.

            In terms of prioritizing in implementation including all I would say:
            1. 5th idea
            2. 3rd idea
            3. 4th idea
            4. 2nd idea
            5. 1st idea


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              I may make another separate topic to discuss the scout point reset issue. I think it may be worth discussing more in-depth in and of itself.


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                I agree with the scout points. They can sometimes be hard to come by, and depend greatly on how well your club performs in matches and completes missions.

                Also it's annoying how some missions never reset until the next club season.

                I don't understand why we even need seasons with such long breaks? Why can't it just reset every season like colosseum?


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                  I do agree with 1, 2, 3, 5, and also about not resetting the club points, it doesnt make much sense to me why it would reset, it would be so much more worth it to be able to save it.


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                    Com2uS_Nyan I believe we got some feedback now. How about forwarding it to the developers?


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                      Promotion and Relegation like actual soccer.

                      the strong clubs play strong clubs. Get better rewards for winning and losing.

                      That way matches don't turn into roflstomps, or clubs get lucky because they got to face more weak clubs than another.


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                        Hello, I have been keeping eye on this topic and have actually been forwarding the more supported ideas already. As you know with the latest developer's note, there is a bit planned for Clubs soon, so please stay tuned.


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                          #1 REMOVE THE OFF SEASON! wow it's so long and it sucks to not be able to do anything. There's no way to increase points, at this point I've already collected everything I wanted anyway, power up stones, all premium tickets if I don't want the manager, and one of the suits (could have gotten all 3 but at this point I value the tickets higher) and now that the season is over, what is the wait for? We can't change the ranking, so the only point is for the clubs who have been slow completing their season objectives. I guess that's a problem for less active clubs, but maybe they should just join more active clubs instead. The preseason is frustrating, boring, and serves no purpose. I love CVC, especially after leaving my club to join one of the top clubs that are most active, which really helped me feel like I was part of a real community. This is awesome, let me do it more. I also really like the suits mechanic, and I hate the period where the store is empty and I'm just waiting. You acknowledged that the wait during off season of GSL was tedious and led to players playing less, and so you introduced GCL. If you absolutely have to keep that 2 week waiting period in there, at least gives us something to do
                          #2 You guys are already doing this, but my biggest issue with CVC after that was the rewards for reaching top ranks weren't good enough. I'm super stoked for the special suits though, I REALLY hope that they're ready for the next patch so we can start getting them at the end of this season (and then at least one good thing came of the stupid wait period)
                          #3 A mode I think would be fun would be if every player in the club could contribute one player to a team, as either a best of 1 or a best of 3, and then the teams of 11 could duke it out with other super teams of 11, It would have to be auto vs auto, but the match(es) would be available to watch by anyone in the clubs. I think that would be rad
                          #4 Not super important to me, but I don't love that the rewards for players who worked hard to earn the win are the same as players who just set a team and did nothing. If you didn't do anything, you should benefit less. An incentive for setting defense that doesn't lose points, an incentive for beating enemy teams, those would be nice. But I don't need something that upsets the current status quo, as I get enough rewards to do everything I want. I mean sure, it would have been nice to have enough to pick up a superb for lelorence, but not something I'm too sad about.
                          #5 I would of course like buffs to the buildings, although I in no way think they need them, hell ya I'll take some free crystals/gp haha

                          I really am a big fan of CVC though, and you're already addressing one of my biggest issues, so if you just address that #1 I'd be delighted