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Askelad buff? At least Jin tho lol

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  • Askelad buff? At least Jin tho lol

    The Askeladd buff is biased , would be nice to have 5% more on both of her values in her 3rd passive. Ik she's meant for PvE but i like her for PvP also ;3.

    Now that i got that out, Jin really needs a buff. I dont use him, if i ever draw him ill use him for ST or totem Jin. Its sad how that man is a legend that is worse than most 5* GKs right now. Give the man some HP% healing somewhere. Like 15% when shot or like any other conditional healing. I don't care about Jin but its frustrating to see an update focused on Legend balancing and not seeing Jin considered. It shows how there isnt support for older legends and the game is still becoming more pay2win.

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    Hello, there is already a very large thread of the state of Jin. I am going to close this thread and ask that you continue the discussion there. Thank you.