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  • General Guide for new Players

    AAAAAAGreetings, new players !

    AAAAAAAs Soccer Spirits can be a quite complex strategy game, new people tend to get lost easily at the beginning and do some random things the would regret later. Therefore, I decided to make a general guide, so you'll understand (almost) everything needed about SS. If you only need a precise information and have already some knowledge, just scroll down, so here are the contents :

    AAAAAA-I) Players and Formation
    AAAAAA-II) Making Powerful Player
    AAAAAA-III) More informations on players' secondary stats
    AAAAAA-IV) Matches
    AAAAAA-V) Other Characters
    AAAAAA-VI) Before the Fall
    AAAAAA-VII) In-game view
    AAAAAA-VIII) Managing gold, GP, and Exp.
    AAAAAA-IX) Premium
    AAAAAA-X) Last words

    I) Players and Formation

    AAAAAAA) Players' characteristics

    AAAAAATo view a player's info, just tap on it, when it's done, this what you can see :

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Player Characteristics.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.20 MB
ID:	1249940
    AAAAAA1) This is the Attribute of your player. There are 5 different attributes in Soccer Spirits, which are Light, Dark, Ardor, Whirlwind and Thunder. First of all, it gives a specific color to the player's frame, yellow for Light players, violet for Dark, red for Ardor, green for Whirlwind, and blue for Thunder, so you can rapidly know what kind of team you are facing. Secondly, the attribute give an advantage and a weakness. Thus, you will receive 25% less damage and deal 25% more if your attribute is stronger than the opponent's, but you will receive 25% more damage and deal 25% less if your attribute is weaker. So the elemental clock is : Ardor > Whirlwind > Thunder > Light > Dark > Ardor.

    AAAAAA2) This is the number of clovers. Basically, it will increase the chance of having a second drop at the end of a match. Clovers of the whole team help increasing the chances, but the Mvp's clovers weigh more (rarity of players count as well). It can helps when you want to farm elemental or boss matches.

    AAAAAA3) This is the cost. Putting players in your formation is limited by your team cost. If you don't have enough place, you can either rank up or use managers like Jiyun (not recommended though). Note that a player cost increase with evolution, so be carefull when evolving players !

    AAAAAA4) Here are both the evolution state and the rarity (not always the native one). Rarity goes from 1* (Extra players) to 6* (Legendary). The higher the rarity is, the better his natural statistics are. However, they tend to be less powerful than 4* and 3* players at early level due to the superb power up bonuses. As for the evolution state, stars are yellow when non evolved, then red when evolved, and finally multicolored after Extrem Evolution.

    AAAAAA5) The power-up ("plussing") state. You can power-up each primary statistic up to +40 (managers stats excluded), thus, you canpower-up your player up to +160 by feeding Beelzebub, Swirlies, and special characters from boss events to your player (more details below).

    AAAAAA6) Here, it's the MAX HP bonus your player can receive. You can increase it up to 30% each time you answer right during a character event that triggers with a certain chance after a match (in Story Mode, Colosseum, or even Galaxy Arena). A wrong answer will decrease the bonus by 1%, a right one will increase the bonus by 1% or 3%.

    AAAAAA7) Here is the Level of your player, which is caped by the rarity. You can Lvl up your player up to 10xRarity. For example, a 4* player can Lvl-up up to Lv.40, while a 5* player can Lvl-up up to Lvl.50.

    AAAAAA8) This is the number of time your player received a Superb Power-up (spu). Each spu will increase the player's primary stats by 10% and can be spu'ed up to 5 times. You can sacrifice a 3* Littre for 4* units and lower (not recommended), 5* Littre for 5* stars units and higher or sacrifice a copy of the same character.

    AAAAAA9) Here is the exp needed for next level.

    AAAAAA10) Each player have a specific role which grants them special passives. There are 5 roles :

    AAAAAA-Striker : Increases the dribble and the critical rate by 10 %

    AAAAAA-Attacker : Increases the counter attack resistance by 15% with a penetration, the attack power by 15% and the critical rate by 10% with an attack, and decreases the inflicted damage by 20% when you have the ball.

    AAAAAA-Assist : Increases pass effect by 10% and recovers spirit by 10% with a pass.

    AAAAAA-Leader : Recovers 10% spirit with an action and decreases the inflicted damage by 5%.

    AAAAAA-Defender : Increases Defense and recovery power by 10%, increases the steal by 30% with a steal and decreases the damage received by 15% when being attacked.

    AAAAAA-Goal Keeper : Increases the MAX HP by 10 %, the critical resistance by 5%, and decreases the damaged received by 5%
    when positionned in the GK position.

    AAAAAA11) The weather immunity. For some matches (Colosseum, Rival, Club...), a weather is applied and causes some effects to players if they are not immuned to :

    AAAAAA-Soul grave : Increases spirit cost of all active by 200%.

    AAAAAA-Abnormal gravity : Decreases all heals by 50%.

    AAAAAA-Piercing Wind : Deals 10% HP damage to all players every 3 minutes.

    AAAAAA-Rainy Weather : Decreases support skills (actives and passives) by 75% (debuff not affected).

    AAAAAA-Heat Wave : Decreases action speed of all players by 30%.

    AAAAAA-Normal Weather : Everything is all for the best in the best of all worlds.

    AAAAAA12) Primary Stats. Base stats are coloured in yellow and bonus from power-up are in green. There 4 stats :

    AAAAAA-Power : Increases dribble and shoot attack power

    AAAAAA-Technique : Increases the bonus attack power you give to another player with a pass and increases steal attack power

    AAAAAA-Vitality : Increases defense bonus and MAX HP

    AAAAAA-Speed : Makes your players faster

    AAAAAA13) Secondary stats, which gives you various informations you need to know what your player is supposed to do. Here are some formulas :

    AAAAAA-Dribble = 5 + Power + (Speed * 0.2)

    AAAAAA-Steal = 5 + Technique + (Speed * 0.2)

    AAAAAA-Pass = 3 + (Technique * 0.8)

    AAAAAA-Action Speed = 30 + (Speed * 0.1)

    AAAAAA-Defense = (Vitality * 0.2) + (Technique * 0.8)

    AAAAAA-HP = 20 + (Level * 0.8) + (Vitality * 1.8)

    AAAAAA-Reflexes = ((5 + Technique + (Speed / 12)) / 4 / (Level + 30)) * 1000

    For more details, please see this link : (by the way, to the person who made this, thank you very much)

    AAAAAA14) Here, you can see the locations that grants your player extra bonuses to secondary stats. Just tap on it to see the stats changes.

    AAAAAA15) Materials needed for evolution (cost some gold too). Note you can evolve a player regardless of his/her level.

    AAAAAA16) The character forum, where everybody can feel free to beg the developpers for an EE, gives some advices, or throw their frustration (GIVE MILKY WAY HER EE NOW OMG)

    AAAAAAB) Formation

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Players and Formation.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.99 MB
ID:	1249941
    AAAAAAHere, you can assemble your team, change your Ace player, choose the Main Team (note that main team's Ace player will be shown to friend), view your Team Ability (the « power » of your team, aka TA) and the differents units you have gathered so far. If you feel too lazy to make your own team composition, you can choose « auto place », but it's not very effective. You should try to create a synergy between players rather than putting random units just because they're powerful (it might work though).
    AAAAAAAs a general advice, you should run only one Striker in front lane with one or two passer and one or two totem (a character that grants buffs to the whole lane/team). In mid lane you should have at least one penetrator and one stealer. As for the back, the most crucial lane, you should put some defenders, totem that helps your lane to sustain.
    AAAAAAFor further informations, see other topics specialized in team composition.
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    II) Making powerful players

    AAAAAAA) Training and Special Training

    AAAAAAPlayers can level-up through training. They acquire a certain amount of experience according to the units that are used. It is recommended that for level-up, you should use only 5*~ 6* penguins and Kumas as it gives much more experience and thus, it will cost less gold as the higher the level, higher the training cost is. For even more efficiency, use penguins that matches the attribute of your player, since you gain 50% more exp. Leveling-up increases primary stats of a player but also gives a skill point for every 5 level reached (lvl 5, 10, 15...).

    AAAAAAPenguins drops from penguin guerilla matches in Space-Time Continuum (see the schedules), but you can buy penguin match for 10 crystals each (4hours cooldown from the moment you make the purchase) which gives 3 6* penguins, you can use your boss points, or get them from daily achievements. Concerning Kumas, they can drop from Colosseum Gatekeeper match, but you can obtain them via season achievements or events and check-in rewards too.

    AAAAAAOnce your player has reached his Max Lvl, but is not 60 yet, you can Special Train him/her to increase the level cap. To do that, just select the player you want to special train, as well as some fodder player. For a player that is X*, he needs X amount of players of the same rarity, meaning that you'll need 5 5* players to ST only one 5* player. It is recommended not to use native 5* players, but 4* players ST'ed to 5* and 5* Meras instead, unless you really know what you are doing.
    AAAAAANote that Special Train does not require gold.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2016-01-16-17-15-17.png
Views:	1
Size:	999.7 KB
ID:	1249944
    AAAAAAAB) Skills

    AAAAAASkills are the most important part concerning strategy. They often determine what player you need or not according to what you want to do and his role in a more general way (totem, second passer, buffer, stealer, etc). All players (excepts special units) have 4 skills, 1 active skill which require a certain amount of spirit to be activated, and 3 passives.

    AAAAAAThere are various type of active skills, such as [Shoot], [Pass], [Target], [Strategy], [Penetrate], [Steal], [Forward Pass], [Long Pass], [Block], [Shield], [Power-up], and [Enhancement]. You can already guess the major role your player will play with this.

    AAAAAAPassives can be self-buffs, line-buff/debuff, others triggers only under a specific condition, etc. It can determine their second role.

    AAAAAAA player can't max out all of his skills, so think wisely ! Whenever you feel like something's wrong, you can reset skill points for some gold.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Player Skills.png
Views:	1
Size:	1,020.7 KB
ID:	1249945
    AAAAAAC) Evolution

    AAAAAATo evolve a player, you'll need some gold and materials. For a classic evolution, you'll need a certain number of 5*~ 4*~ 3* elementals according to the player's rarity and attribute, dropped during elemental match in Space-Time Continuum, scouted (not recommended unless you only need a very few amount and a rare elemental), or drew via Friendship Draw.

    AAAAAAFor an Extreme Evolution (which concern only 5* and 6* players), you'll need 5* elementals and 1 5* Swirly (of the same player's attribute), as well as 2 Rainbow Elemental or 2 Black Hole Swirlies (or both). Rainbow Elementals and Black Hole Swirlies can be obtained only ONCE per week, but are also available in scout for 150 Glory Point, and 5* Swirlies can be obtain via achievements, scout, season scout, or gold guerilla match (see the schedules) but at a very low rate.

    AAAAAAExtra features of these materials :

    AAAAAAYou can feed a Rainbow Elemental to a player through training, making use of the « Disassembly » function. When you disassemble, your player will LOSE ALL SUPERB POWER-UP and you will receive extra copies of your character according to their number of spu. Those copies will be non-evolved, non-ST'ed, and level 1, so pay attention ! YOU DO NOT GET BACK THE LITTRES YOU USED ! Here is an example :
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Disassemble 1.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.39 MB
ID:	1248916
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Disassemble 2.png
Views:	1
Size:	690.3 KB
ID:	1248917
    AAAAAAYou can also feed a Black Hole Swirly to a player through training. This will randomly power-up with 100% chance a primary stat, increasing it by 4 points. So, if you feel like you have tons of these, and do not need them for EE, you can use them this way. When doing so, the game prevents you from using multiple Black Hole Swirlies at once, so you can use them only one per one.

    AAAAAAIf you don't have enough 5* classic elementals for X reasons, you can evolve one 4* elemental to 5* by sacrificing 6 other 4* elementals, which means that you need 7 4* elementals to make only one 5*. Same with the 4* swirlies, but you'll need « only » 5 4* to make one 5*.

    AAAAAAD)Superb Power-up

    AAAAAAAs you already know, you can SPU a character up to 5 times, each time your player's primary stats will be increased by 10% of the max natural value. To do that, you can either use a Littre (3* Littre for 4* players and lower, 5* for 5* players or higher) by feeding your player with it, or use the same character in training. Note that if you use the same character, his/her superb power-up state will be added to the player who's being trained, as well as the clovers (see below for an example).
    Click image for larger version

Name:	SPU Inheritance.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.30 MB
ID:	1249946
    AAAAAA3* Littres can be obtained through scout, season scout, Friendship Draw, Colosseum Gatekeeper match, Colosseum reward, Galaxy League reward, daily reward (very rare), season, and consecutive achievements, check-in events and other random events. You can make a 5* Littre out of 5 3* Littre for 96 000 gold or buy it with 300 Dimension Stone or Superb Power-up Pack (available during 5 days each month, purchasable only once). Note that Littres are very hard to get, so save them carefully and LOCK THEM (tap the lock in character's info). When you are evolving a 3* Littre, it is better that you evolve the one that has 3 clovers, since Littre also transfers his clovers.

    AAAAAAIt is possible to feed several Littre at once, the spu does stack.

    AAAAAAE) Stats Power-up

    AAAAAAPrimary stats can be powered-up up to +40 each, thus a player can be powered-up up to +160 (managers stats excluded).
    AAAAAATo power-up your player, you can use 3*~ 5* swirlies. In this case, the power-up have a certain chance to succeed, and if it does, it randomly gives between 1~3 points to a random single stats. A 3* swirly gives 10% chance of success (12 if same attribute), a 4* gives 25% (33 if same attribute), and a 5* gives 85% (100 if same attribute). You can use several swirlies at once to increase the chances, but it won't incease the extra points given. The game will prevent you from using more swirlies when 100% is reached.

    AAAAAAIt is recommended that you start using this method only after the character has already reached a high level of power-up, as it can be very expensive and can bother others methods that are more effective.

    AAAAAAAnother way is to use Beelzebub. With a 3* Beelzebub you have 100% chance of giving 5 points to a random primary stats. With a 5* Beelzebub however, you have 100% chance of giving 7 points to ALL primary stats (so 28 points in all), which make 5* Beelzebub much more efficient, and that's why you should always wait to evolve them. Indeed, with 5 5* Beelzebub, you can power-up a player to +140, while you'll need 28 3* Beelzebub to reach the same results.

    AAAAAA3* Beelzebub can be obtained through scout, season scout, Friendship Draw, Colosseum Gatekeeper match, Colosseum reward, daily (very rare), season, and consecutive achievements, check-in events and other random events. You can make a 5* Beelzebub with 5 3* Beelzebub. Note that Beelzebubs are very hard to get, so save them carefully and LOCK THEM. Beelzebub do not transfer his clovers.

    AAAAAAWhen you feed a player with a Beelzebub, the game will prevent you from using mutliple Beelzebubs at once.
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      AAAAAF) Spirit Stones

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2016-01-24-02-00-40.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.03 MB
ID:	1249961
      AAAAAAPlayers have up to 4 spirit stone slots, 1 prism (unlocked when the player have been Special Trained to 6*), and 3 or 2 regular slots.

      AAAAAAIn prism slot, you can put any stone of your choice regardless of the zodiac sign. However, you can't put a unique stone.

      AAAAAAIn regular slots, you can put any stone that live up the attribute's slot, and you can't put stones with the same zodiac sign. Stone rarity goes from 1* (useless) to 7* (unique, very powerful) and can be powered-up up to +15.

      AAAAAAEach attempt to power-up costs a fixed amount of gold according to the stone rarity and power-up state and has a fixed chance of success.
      AAAAAAEvery 3 level (+3, +6, +9, +12, +15), a stone will gain a new substat or power-up an existing substat, and can evolve with a fixed chance according to its rarity. Note that only 6* rare stones can evolve into a determined unique stone with 1% chance (there are common, rare, and unique stone, regardless of the number of stars).
      Level Chance of successful Power-up
      0 100,00%
      1 90,00%
      2 80,00%
      3 70,00%
      4 60,00%
      5 50,00%
      6 40,00%
      7 30,00%
      8 25,00%
      9 20,00%
      10 15,00%
      11 12,00%
      12 9,00%
      13 6,00%
      14 3,00%
      Stone rarity Chance of evolving
      1 50%
      2 40%
      3 30%
      4 25%
      5 20%
      6 (Rare type only) 1%
      As far as I'm concerned, only 5*~ 6* spirit stones are worth. It is better to let a slot empty rather than wasting gold on random stones that are not suited for the player. Note that to unequip a stone, just tap twice on it, and some gold will be recquired.

      AAAAAAEach zodiac sign correspond to a main stat. Common stones have only 1 primary stat, while rare stones have 2 primary stats. Most part of uniques have 2 primary stats, only Glabaris has 1 primary stat. Here are the stats shared by stone of same zodiac sign, second primary stats are not detailed here :

      AAAAAA-Taurus : Increases critical rate (%).

      AAAAAA-Leo : Increases steal (%).

      AAAAAA-Virgo : Increases defense (by fixed amount).

      AAAAAA-Capricorn : Increases receiving pass effect (%).

      AAAAAA-Aries : Increases dribble (%).

      AAAAAA-Scorpio : Decreases the inflicted damage (%).

      AAAAAA-Sagittarius : Increases pass effect (%).

      AAAAAA-Aquarius : Increases reflexes (%).

      AAAAAA-Gemini : Increases critical damage (%).

      AAAAAA-Libra : Increases MAX HP (by a fixed amount).

      AAAAAA-Pisces : Increases action speed (%).

      AAAAAA-Cancer (lol) : Increases penetration power (%).

      AAAAAAStones can be acquired through stone matches in Space-Time Continuum (low rate for 6* rare type stone), scout, check-in event, random event, dimension stone (600 for a unique, 200 for a rare), combination, and managers (Marineco).

      AAAAAACombining stones allows 2 things. First, you can combine 5 stones of the same rarity to get one of the 4 rare stone of the same attribute and same rarity based on the stone you've put in the center. Secondly, you can increase the rarity of your stone by « meeting the power-up condition ». For example, if you want to get a 6* stone out of 5 5* stones, you need 50 power-up in all, which mean that you have to put 5 5*stones powered-up at +10 (or another combination). Combining stones will cost you some gold based on the rarity of stones.

      AAAAAAMaking unique stones is very hard as it cost a lot, and you don't always have the unique you were actually aiming for. Basically, if you want unique stone of a certain attribute, you have to power-up a 6* stone (rare or not) to +15. Then, you can power-up whatever 6* stone you want to +15, but you need 4. Finally, just put the stone which have the same attribute of the unique you want in the center, place the other, and just pray.
      AAAAAAOnce any spirit stone reaches +15, you can reapply properties. By paying Dimension Stones, you'll change all the substats of your stone, as if you were leveling a new stone. If the new substats don't live up your expectations, you can always cancel it and get back the ancient one. Half of the Dimension Stone you paid will be refunded (sent in your box). The number of Dimension Stones recquired increases with the stone's rarity (30 DS for 6*, 50 DS for uniques). Upon finishing Story Mode in Challenge mode and reaching Rank 100, you'll be rewarded a random unique.
      AAAAAABased on my experience, it takes around 5,5 millions to make a unique (power-up + combination cost). Note that when you get a unique stone or power-up a unique to +15, it will be displayed in chat, and everybody will see it For more informations about uniques, please see this topic :

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Trying to make a SHoT 12.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.35 MB
ID:	1249962

      III) More informations on players' secondary stats

      AAAAAABecause you never have enough knowledge, let's put more details. Note that values shown in player's characteristic are not exactly the same in game and can be higher or lower during a match.

      AAAAAAA) Dribble

      AAAAAAThis stat represents the shoot power and the penetration power. Damage from shooting and penetrating increases with dribble. No need to say it's vital for strikers and attackers. Note that a GK take 50% more damage from shoots, and 50% less from penetrations. Shooting or penetrating multiple enemies will split your damages.

      AAAAAAB) Steal

      AAAAAAEven though your player can deal a lot of damage when penetrating/shooting, he/she might have some problem in stealing if this stat is too weak. Basically, it's the damage potentially dealt when stealing.

      AAAAAAC) Pass

      AAAAAAThe potential amount of bonus attack power a player can transfer to another one, which helps a lot for penetration and shoot.

      AAAAAAD) Action Speed

      AAAAAAThe speed at which the action bar is filled through time. The first player who has his/her action bar fully filled moves first, but there are others mechanics behind that. If the ball holder is placed in one side and an enemy on the opposite side fills his action bar first, this one will drop by 50%, making him unable to make any action. This means that the center player can be attacked by all enemies in front of him (up to 4) while players on the side only face up to 3 oponents, so don't put a super weak player who has no utility right in the middle or you'll get rekt quickly (excepts if he's in the back lane maybe). When your player advance toward the enemy backlane, he can fully recover his action bar by using an active skill such as [Target], [Strategy], [Enhancement] and [Power-up], and will return to his lane.

      AAAAAAE) Critical

      AAAAAAThe chances of dealing critical damage. Note that having 100% critical rate will not ensure a critical hit (see critical resistance).

      AAAAAAF) Critical damage

      AAAAAAThe increased damage with a critical hit. To know by how much your damage is multiplied, just calculate 1+(Crit dammge/100). Example : 147 % of critical damage → 1+(147/100) = 2,47

      AAAAAAG) Decrease damage

      AAAAAADecreases the damage received. Note that decrease damage gain from different factors are not additive, so usually you won't reach 100%.
      AAAAAA(Trivia : White Guardenia can achieve 100% decrease damage and even more when facing 3 oponents and equipped with Earth's Cry).

      AAAAAAH) Defense

      AAAAAAEnable your player to be more tanky when defending.


      AAAAAADo I really need to explain it ?

      AAAAAAJ) Reflexes

      AAAAAAA very crucial stat that can make you cry. Chances of stealing increases with high reflexes and with reflex gap between 2 players.
      AAAAAAThere are many scenarios, but in all cases, both players will take damage (logical). First scenario, you are at max health, your oponent as well, and you're faster. If you succeed in stealing, you take the ball and moves forward, if not, both will just take some damage, and the oponent will keep the ball. In other cases, you are slower. Your oponent can either kill you and penetrate, or lose the ball (counter attack), he does not recover his action bar, and yours is untouched, enabling you to pass or penetrate right after his attack.
      AAAAAASecond scenario, you are at very low health, your oponent has 100% of his HP, and you are faster. If you are lucky enough, you'll steal the ball, and even if your oponent has infinite attack power, your HP won't drop below 1. If you're unlucky, you'll just die and your oponent will move toward your back lane. If you are slower, the enemy either kill you easily, or lose the ball and let you with 1 HP.
      AAAAAAThird scenario, you and your oponent are both low HP. In this case, it's just a matter of luck (mainly).

      AAAAAATo have 100% chance of stealing the ball, you have to be in a precise scenario, 1) your steal is extremely high and will allow your player to absolutely kill the oponent (or you have low steal but your oponent is low HP) and 2) you have enough HP left to take the damage from the steal.

      AAAAAAThis makes matches very dynamics but obnoxious as well sometimes.

      AAAAAAK) Recovery

      AAAAAADefines the amount of HP recovered through time and the amount of HP restored when a player revives.

      AAAAAAL) Counter attack resistance

      AAAAAAThe ability of a player to decrease chances of being stolen while penetrating, caped at 90%. If you can't afford reflexes to avoid counter attack, build counter attack resistance.

      AAAAAAM) Critical resistance

      AAAAAAThe ability to lower chances of receiving a critical hit. That's why 100% critical rate does not ensure a critical hit (even 250%)

      AAAAAAN) Penetrate

      AAAAAAThe ability to ignore the oponent's decrease damage effect (partially).
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        IV) Matches

        AAAAAAYou can play soccer matches in 5 different modes, Story mode, Space-Time Continuum, Colosseum, Galaxy League, Club Matches, each mode having special features.

        AAAAAAA) Story Mode

        AAAAAAThis is where you get started. As you can guess, you'll discover Soccer Spirits' story. Before and/or after certain matches, you will access a part of the story.
        AAAAAAThere are 3 level of difficulty : Normal, Challenge and Hell. Challenge is unlocked after finishing the story in Normal difficulty, Hell is unlocked after finishing Challenge difficulty. . Each difficulty is divided into 75 league match, each league match is composed of 3 matches. If you lose/draw too much, you won't access the next league match. You earn 5 crystals upon passing a league match, and the right to play again in Free Match.
        AAAAAAWhen playing again in Free Match, you can earn additionnal rewards (crystals, gold, friendship points or managers) by completing missions.
        AAAAAANote that you need stamina (ST) to enter Story Mode matches. 1 ST is recharged every 5 min.

        AAAAAAB) Space-Time Continuum

        AAAAAASpace-Time Continuum is where all other matches that recquire stamina takes place. You can find Boss Match (which can earn you Boss Points for season scout), Rival Match, Daily Limited Stone Match, Daily Limited EXP/Gold Match, Elemental Match, Gold/Penguin Guerilla Match (see schedule), and Special Match like Rainbow Elemental's Advent. You just farm there basically (but that's what I personaly like).

        AAAAAAC) Colosseum, where ****s are getting real

        AAAAAAColosseum is divided into Colosseum of Despair, aka CoD (litterally) and Colosseum of Trials, aka CoT. All matches will be under the weather effect Heat Wave.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	CoD.png
Views:	1
Size:	833.5 KB
ID:	1249976
        AAAAAACoD consists in a succession of 50 increasing difficulty matches (ennemy Team Ability shown in the menu). You'll be rewarded Glory Points upon finishing a floor, 2GP from floor 1 to 20, 3GP from 21 to 40, 4Gp from 41 to 50, and your score will be increased based on your team's performance during the match. As you can't borrow a friend's player, Elizabeth will support your team and her level is adjusted to the floor. More details about Champions and floor team composition in this link :

        AAAAAAOccasionally, you can encounter a champion match. During this special match, Metatron will support your team. You'll be rewarded 5GP and 3* players or Elizabeth herself (too bad that it's not Metatron instead) ! Champion will start at level 1, and the level will increase by 4 to 6 lvl upon winning, or decrease by 6 to 8 lvl upon losing. If you're lucky enough, you can encounter a Gatekeeper match instead. Swirlies are extremely dangerous here, beware ! The level of the Gatekeeper match will follow the actual Champion level displayed in the menu. You'll earn 5GP upon winning and a 3* gatekeeper randomly among Littre, Beelzebub, Kuma, Mera, and Neris. If you lose, well, just blame the swirlies.
        AAAAAAWhen the difficulty is too high, you can reset your progression, only your best score and the highest floor reached will be saved. The CoD will also reset automatically at the end of the week, as well as the Champion's level.
        AAAAAAWhen clearing floors and scoring, you improve your CoD rank. The higher your rank is, the better the rewards get. You can claim your reward 12 hours after the weekly reset.

        AAAAAAWhen it's getting hard, and you see that enemies have 1000 ~ 2000 HP while your GK barely reaches 800 ~ 900, don't panic, it is possible to win with a proper strategies, but it will recquire specific players though. Take a look at topics specialized in CoD strategies if you feel blocked !

        Click image for larger version

Name:	CoT.png
Views:	1
Size:	1.07 MB
ID:	1249977
        AAAAAACoT consists in 5 groups of 10 challenges (so 50 in all). Upon clearing a challenge, you earn Gps, and your number of total cleared challenge increases, making you eligible for certain rewards which are automatically sent into your box. You can choose in which order you want to clear the missions. CoT reset every 2 week. Whenever you feel like it's too hard, you can either ask for some tips or take a look at this topic :

        AAAAAANote that Colosseum matches consumes 10 BP. 1 BP is recharged every 3 min.

        AAAAAAD) Galaxy League

        AAAAAAGalaxy League is the place where you will be able to challenge teams of other people. It is always great as it shows your team's limit, how the AI works (not always the way we want though), and various strategies people uses that you don't know.

        AAAAAAYou can either play Galaxy Arena or Galaxy Super League (Tournament). All matches here will take place under Abnormal Gravity effect.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Galaxy Arena.png
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Size:	1.30 MB
ID:	1249978
        AAAAAALet's start with Galaxy Arena. On the right side of the menu stands teams you can challenge. Each time you win, you earn GP, gold, 202 exp, and you increase your winning streak. On the left side, you can see the Ace you are using, the attack power and HP boost, bonus GP and gold earned after winning a match. Increasing your winning streak will lower your attack power and HP boost, but it will increases the bonus GP and gold. It is possible to play in manual and auto (not recommended) mode.
        AAAAAAWhenever you want, you can refresh the list of players you can challenge. Doing so will reset your winning streak however ! Note that your winning streak will last 2 hours since the last match you played and will automatically reset after that delay.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Galaxy Super League.png
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Size:	989.9 KB
ID:	1249979
        AAAAAAGalaxy Super League consists in a tournament where your team fight for up to 4 consecutives matches. Winning a tournament will allow you to choose GP, gold, or a Spirit Stone, as a reward (only one reward !). The amount of GP, gold, and rarity of spirit stones acquired depends on your actual League, and can randomly be increased (bonus). You will also earn League Points, starting from 1000 (Bronze League), you can reach the Silver League (1200), Gold League (1400), Platinum League (1600), Diamond League (1800), Champions League (2200), and finally Galaxy League (2600).
        AAAAAAWhen being promoted to the next League, you'll be rewarded crytals and Dimension Stone. At the end of a season (approximately 4 weeks), you'll get additionnal Dimension Stone and 3* Littres according to your ranking. Seasons are spaced by 2 weeks of off season during which no rewards will be granted (except tournament rewards).
        AAAAAANote that all matches in Galaxy Super League will take place under Auto mode and that the TA shown in Galaxy Arena menu can be wrong (AAA team can be S in reality for example). You can find some informations about AIs in this topic :

        AAAAAAMatches in Galaxy League need battle balls. 1 battle ball is recharged every 30 min.

        AAAAAAE) Club Matches

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Club Match.png
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ID:	1249980
        AAAAAAClub Matches are available after joining a Club. In Club Matches, you choose 4 team member to help you fighting 5 members of an enemy Club. All Matches will take place under Abnormal Gravity effect, and a second weather can be applied (because of your enemy or because you decided that it will be funnier). The secondary weather can be changed at the cost of some gold.
        AAAAAARegardless you win or not the Club Match, you'll earn 2 points for your personnal club scout and 2 points for the club master scout (onle the owner of the club can choose what to do). When you win a Club Match, you'll get 2n extra points for your personnal scout, where n is the number of ally team (including yours) which survived at the end. In your personnal scout, you can buy various items such as suits or suit power-up stone.
        AAAAAAHere again, there's a ranking. All members compete against each other, adding more challenge to the game (but not that much in the end). According to your rank, you'll earn 10 to 500 bonus points at the end of a season. Note that at the end of the off season, points earned will be reset for the new season. Don't forget to spend them ! Also, managers stats doesn't apply during those matches. Club Matches need Club Balls, and 1 Club Ball is recharged every 11h30.
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          V) Other Characters

          AAAAAAA) Managers

          AAAAAAManagers are very importants characters even though they don't directly play a match. They are divided into 3 categories :

          AAAAAA-Sponsors : Their active skills provides gold. The amount can be fixed or increased with number of friend. Their passives often helps you spending less gold or earning more, depending on which sponsor you are using.

          AAAAAA-Trainers : Their active skills provides stamina or BP. Their passives can support you in various way, but they often increases players' stats (for the whole team).

          AAAAAA-Scouters : Their active skills can give you players of a certain attribute, Spirit Stones, or enable you to use a second time you main trainer's active skill.

          AAAAAAManagers can be obtained via Story Mode, scout, friendship draw, purchase event, or season scout.

          AAAAAANote that the most important managers you should get first are Gerold (1800 GP), Clover (500 GP) who are both trainers, and Lucy (1800 GP) who's a sponsor. They are the reason why you can see a wild William appearing, with +120 in power (+40 by himself, +80 from those 3 managers).

          AAAAAAManagers can be trained to level up, but it does not provide anything. To improve a manager's active skill, you have to evolve him/her. To improve a manager's passive, you have to spu him/her. This will also decrease the long cooldown of their active. You can't put copies of the same managers in the slots.

          AAAAAAB) Special Players

          AAAAAABy Special Players, I mean Bosses and Rivals. Boss Matches and Rival Matches take place in Space-Time Continuum. Bosses are available only during a set period of time. During the 5 first days, you can face the Boss' slaves. You'll earn Boss Point upon defeating them, and you can acquire them. They have special features such as granting great amount of GP or gold when sold, great exp, or chances to power-up a primary stat. Then, during 2 days (the weekend), you can directly face the Boss and his/her team in Hell or Ultimate mode. After winning a Boss Match, you can get the Boss itself (rate depends on the difficulty) or one of his slaves, as well as Boos Points.
          AAAAAAWith Boss Point, you'll be able to make some purchase in season scout, such as copies of the Boss, one Gatekeeper, player boxes...
          AAAAAARivals are also available during a set period of time in Rival Match. However, you do not earn any points or whatever, you can just hope for the rival to drop (the rate is pretty high actually compared to other matches). While Rival player are native 4*, Boss players are native 5*. When selling Rivals or Bosses, you don't earn any GP (just a tiny amount of gold).

          VI) Before the Fall

          AAAAAABefore, starting a match, you can make some last-second changes and some more informations are given.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Before the Fall 1.png
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Size:	1.48 MB
ID:	1249993
          AAAAAAFirst, in « My Team » you can see the effects of your ace and your friend ace, your Team Ability, weather effects, missions (if you are in CoT), and you can change the positions of your players, or even go to Formation to change a player. You can also notice some smileys. Those means that a Character Chain is activating. When it happens, players receives special buffs according to the type Character Chain. They are divided into 4 types :

          AAAAAA-Nemesis : activated when your player faces certain enemies. It increases the attack power and HP of your player by 30%.

          AAAAAA-Rival : activated when your player faces or is paired with certain players. It increases the reflexes and the critical rate by 10%.

          AAAAAA-Friendship : activated when your player is paired with certain players. It increases the attack power and the critical rate by 10%.

          AAAAAA-Affection : activated when your is paired with certain players. It increases the HP and the defense by 20%.

          AAAAAACompleting a Character Chain will activate it whenever it can. There are conditions to clear them. Completing all Character Chain of a player will gives you Dimension Stones (sent to your box) based on the player rarity.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	Before the Fall 2.png
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Size:	1.27 MB
ID:	1249994
          AAAAAAIn « Enemy Team », you can see the formation of the oponent, as well as enemies characteristcs (stats, skills and spirit stones), the enemy Team Ability, the enemy ace and its effects.

          VII) In-game view

          AAAAAAHere are some details about in-game effects. Whenever a buff from a player passive triggers, blue effects with symbols and its value will be shown on cards, and if it's a debuff, it will be red. Dribble and Steal of your player who's about to make an action are displayed according to situations, as well as the bonus attack power received from a pass. When passives from stones or attribute advantge effect triggers, or when a player makes a critical hit, it will be displayed at the bottom of the screen for your team, and at the top of the screen for the enemy team. When a player receive an active pass, it will be displayed at the top left hand corner of the card (see below). There's no wings for a regular pass. To see stats in-game, tap the cards.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	In game elements.png
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ID:	1249995
          Click image for larger version

Name:	In game elements 2.png
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Size:	1.77 MB
ID:	1249996
          AAAAAAThere's a quick in-game guide about buffs' symbols and game mechanics. Just tap on « guide ». In « info », action bar state of ally/enemy players, active skill cooldown, and TA are displayed, and gives crucial information about strategy and moves you can do.

          VIII) Managing gold, GP and Exp

          AAAAAAGold can be earned at the end of all matches but Colosseum and Club Matches. There are daily limited gold matches that grant a very large amount of gold, gold guerilla matches (not that much though), achievements, check-in event, club check-in, and random events. You should spend your gold only for leveling your most important players and 5* or 6*spirit stones that your player really need, refreshing scout (you should unlock all slots) to find a certain 5* player you really want. Keep your money because later on, finding money will be harder, the tons of gold you get at the beginning are here to help you, not to make you feel like you're super wealthy.

          AAAAAAGP are used for buying a character from your scout. You should only scout gatekeeper, 5* and 6* players you really need, Rainbow Elemental/Black Hole Swirly if you need to EE, 5* swirlies (for EE), 6* rare stones (not that worth though as you can combine), Lucy, Gerrold, and Clover. If you already have all of these, well, do whatever you want with your GP.
          AAAAAAYou can earn GP from Colosseum Matches, Colosseum rewards, Galaxy Arena, Galaxy Super League, selling 3* and 4* players (don't sell 5* players, you might need them), check-in event, random event, event scout, and rare draw.

          AAAAAAAfter winning/losing a match, you'll get some exp that will fill your exp gauge. Once it's full, you rank up, which can increase your max ST, max BP, max number of friend, your team cost, and also recharge all your ST, BP, and battle balls. Exp Limited match gives you tons of exp if you are in need. However, you should pay attention not to rank up too fastly. Indeed, in Galaxy Arena, you fight against people of approximately the same rank, while your TA don't always follow your rank up speed. Thus, it can happen that you face AAA teams while yours is just A.
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            IX) Premium

            AAAAAAA) Crystals

            AAAAAACrystals enables you to restore your ST, BP, and battle balls for 10 crystals, but also restores your club battle balls for an increasing cost, sarting from 10, then 20, 30...
            AAAAAAYou can get gold although it is not recommended, increase your max lodging, your max Spirit Stone storage, but you can also change your name or your club name, penguin matches, swirly matches (not recommended, and the match is quite hard), and skins.
            AAAAAAHowever, crystals are mostly used for Rare Draw. You'll mostly draw 3* and 4* players, but you can get 5* and 6* players (5% chance in normal draw, 3,5% in attribute draw) to make your team stronger. Note that each time you draw a 3* player, you get 6 GP. You can sell a 3* for 12 GP, 4* for 20 GP, 5* and 6* for 40 GP (not recommended, don't do that).
            AAAAAADuring the week, each day will feature a certain Attribute Draw. Even though the rate for a 5* to drop is lower, it's better when you are aiming for a specific player, as only 5* and 4* players matching the Attribute Draw will be present. Yet it doesn't apply to 3* players.

            AAAAAAYou can earn crystals through Story Mode, Colosseum rewards, Galaxy League rewards, check-in event, achivements, other random events, and installing games through Free Charge Center (go to Shop → Crystals → on the very right). You can get crystals quite easily as the devs are generous enough, so being a F2P isn't a problem (excepts in very high Elo).
            AAAAAAIf you want more crystals for X reasons, you either buy packages displayed in the homepage of the game (more cost efficient), or go to the shop.

            AAAAAAB) Dimension Stones

            AAAAAADimension Stones enables you to make special purchases in the Shop (→ Dimension Stones). You can buy a chosen 5* players or even a chosen Legendary player, unique stones...
            AAAAAAAs it allows people to make very special buys, it is very, very hard to gather a good amount and takes a very long time (unless you have 900€ to spend to insta buy a Legendary lol).

            AAAAAADS can be obtained through Colosseum rewards, Galaxy League rewards, Chain Character reward, and premium purchases.

            X) Last words

            AAAAAAI'm just putting some random things here.

            AAAAAAYou can see your profile by taping on your exp gauge or above. It gives various general game statistics.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Profile.png
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Size:	1.07 MB
ID:	1250003
            AAAAAAYou can spend your Frienship Points (FP) earned when people borrow your ace player or when you borrow people's ace in Friendship Draw. There, swirlies, managers (not all of them), players, gatekeepers, and penguins, can be droped.

            AAAAAAI hope that this guide will help new players. I'm sorry if my english wasn't clear for you. If I forgot something or wrote a wrong information, feel free to tell me.

            AAAAAAThis took me an entire day to write (and a part of the night), so please respect it when you want to make a comment (be constructive).

            AAAAAAPS : My Hive ID is KineticTensh (no "i" because of limitation rofl), and my in-game nickname is Hikaryu (if you want to send me mails/invitation/referal).

            AAAAAAPS(O)2 : Give Milky Way her EE plz, and a new sexy skin for Hiro !

            AAAAAAPS3 : Due to character limitation, I had to do multiple post and copy parts of my original post (44 666 characters lol), I'm sorry if it's disturbing you !

            AAAAAACredits :

            -h43m for fixing Swirlies, BHS, Beelz, Disassemble, reapply substats issues and adding new contents in Recovery and Decrease Damage
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              Very good work, however let me point few things out:

              - When disassembling, you don't lose one superb, but all of them receiving the same number of lv1 copies

              - You can't use more than Beelz/BHS at once, system locks them and swirlies once you reach 100%, so there is no point in giving that warning.

              - Reapplying substats on stones has varied cost depending on number of stars, i.e. 6* cost 30DS to reapply, but uniques cost 50DS.

              - Recovery also defines how much HP you will have after waking up from knocked out state.

              And finally, here's a trivia: you can reach 100% Decreased damage with Guardenia and break over 100% using Earth's Cry against 3 opponnets.


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                Hi h43m,

                Thank you very much for this reply, I didn't know about those updates, I'll correct it ! And yeah, I forgot about Guardenia, thanks for pointing this out !


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                  Great in-depth guide. Would also like to point out that the white AAAAAs in your first post are showing, so you might want to fix their color, heh.

                  Also, I don't know if this is just me, but some images aren't showing.


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                    I just started to have this issue too. I've re-sent the pictures, I hope it works now.

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                  Hi Ysinoth,

                  Yeah, I'll try to fix the color. I had to use those AAAAAA because somehow when you try to put some indents it doesn't work As for the images, well I don't know, I see all of them, so I can't tell sorry. Thanks for the feedback !