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[Guide] Analysis of Unique Spirit Stones

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  • [Guide] Analysis of Unique Spirit Stones


    Blazing Essence
    Aka BE
    Increases Attack Power by 45% with a penetration.

    Increases critical rate by 45% with a penetration.

    The whole purpose of this stone is to increase the power of attackers, while it does give a huge boost in power, unfortunately it will only activate while the unit is penetrating, so stealing, shooting and being attacked at provides no extra benefits. This stone is alright in a sense but gets shadowed over by another ardor unique stone that provides more.

    Notable units that can use this: Yuri, Lucius

    Endlessly Burning Matter
    Aka EBM
    Decreases Attack Power of the enemy within the position by 20%.
    Increases the damage that the enemies within the same position receive by 20%.

    The EBM is useful for having dual purposes and the ability to be useful in every line. The totem effect is extremely useful, allowing your whole units in the line deal more damage while reducing the amount of damage your opponent can do. It is most useful in the front line, decreasing the goalie's damage reduction which is often built high.

    Notable units that can use this: Kevin, Elaine, Orses

    Ignition Catalyst
    Aka IC

    Get 60% bonus action bar at the beginning of the match (Only for the beginning).
    Increases pass effect of the team by 15%

    The IC is often used in only two scenarios, A) To gain ball control early, B) make units that are usually very slow act faster once a match. This often goes towards giving your team a large advantage early on in the game at the cost of losing out on stats afterwards. The global pass effect boost is nice, but largely unnoticeable in most cases.

    Notable units that can use this: A) Anael, Virgil, Luka B) Serestia

    Teranox's Blood

    Aka TB
    increases Attack Power by 25% for 20 min with a critical hit (Accumulated up to 3 times).
    Critical Rate increases by 35%.

    Ah the light that over casts Blazing Essence. What makes this stone much is the fact that it offers way more and viable in way more situations. With a -10% critical rate, for the ability to have the boost throughout the match instead of only penetrating. The Attack Power is less at the beginning by -20%, but one again it is able to proc as long as you critically hit AND it's stackable up to 75%, which is 30% more attack power than blazing essence. It is also a powerful stone fit for strikers and leaders, instead of mainly attackers. There is no reason you should run BE over this.

    Notable units that uses this stone: Vitos, William, Sharr, anyone that uses BE

    Ancient Stormer
    Aka AS
    Increases Action Speed by 15%.
    Recovers Action Bar by 25% with an attack.

    This is the "gotta go fast" stone, providing everything needed for a unit to act as often as possible. This stone goes hand in hand with units that wants either have a low duration stacking passive or a passive that already recovers action bars.

    Notable units that uses this stone: Silk, Zhen Long, Vermilion Bird, Miho

    Earth's Cry
    Aka EC
    Decreases the inflicted damage by 35% for each target with an attack.
    Increases the Attack Power by 35% for each target with an attack.

    A strong stone that has a mixture of offense and defense. Typically used for units that are in the middle position of the backline to provide that durability when attacking 4 man front or mid lines. This is also a great stone for Griffith who wants raw power, since she is able to get enough penetration and most of her damage doesn't rely on critting.

    Notable units that uses this stone: Kiki, Magnus, Griffith
    Prey's Sentence
    Aka PS
    Increases pass effect by 25%.
    Recovers spirit by 35% with a pass.

    Essentially a better version of the ardor passing stone, but green. Perfect for passers to ensure their striker have enough spirit bar to use their actives again after they use their passing actives. This is often over shadowed by the thunder unique Silent Cold, since it has less combat stats.

    Notable units that uses this stone: Silla, Shura(Non Silent Cold route), Verister(Long Pass)

    Protection of Mother Earth
    Aka PoME
    Decreases the inflicted damage by 15%.
    Increases critical resistance by 25%.

    One of the three critical resistance unique stones. This stone mainly viable for goalkeepers, providing them with all the precious stats. This stone is immensely useful for goalkeepers that do not have the ability to produce much of their own damage reduction aside's from Silla's active.

    Notable units that uses this stone: Lucian, Zibroi, Irre

    Aka Glab

    Increases penetration power by 50%.

    It's a pretty straightforward stone, it just increases penetration. However with the access to the next stone which provide crit rate and crit damage, this stone has been often overshadowed. However, there is is niche use for units that do not need the additional crit usage, since they can already reliably crit and have high crit damage, or they do not care about being unable to crit.

    Notable units that uses this stone: Cynthia, Kirin

    Shaking Heart of Thunder
    Aka SHoT

    Increases the critical damage by 25%.
    Critical Rate increased by 20%.

    As mentioned in the Glabaris description, this stone has a simple job, help the unit crit and make critical hits stronger. This stone goes along very well with strikers and units that are required to crit and pairs along well with another thunder stone slot to go along with another critical rate stone or a receiving pass stone for strikers.

    Notable units that uses this stone: Beatrice, Lynia, Leventor

    Silent Cold
    Aka SC

    Increases pass effect by 25%.
    Increases critical damage by 20% within the position.

    One of the best stones for a frontline passer, since it provides so much in order to make their strikers stronger. This stone can even be used on none assist characters, just for the critical damage totem effect.

    Notable units that uses this stone: Shura, Luka, Jeunese, Veronica

    Star's Tear
    Aka Tears
    Recovers the HP by 8% first when attacked.
    Increases critical resistance by 25%.

    This stone is sometimes regarded as bad, the healing is low and even lower while in PvP. The critical resistance is only 3% more than the thunder rare defense stone. However it has it's niche use for units that want to tank damage, especially if that unit has at least two thunder slot for double critical resistance stones.

    Notable units that uses this stone: Eden, Nerua, Raklet.
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    Aka Erma
    Increases MAX HP by 25%.
    Increases critical resistance by 25%.

    The last of the three critical resistance stones, aka the goalie stones. The difference with this one is that it provides health instead of damage resistance and healing. This stone is the most favorable of the three since it allows the goalie to run less HP totem for units that focuses on removing the ball from the backline.

    Notable units that uses this stone: Isillia, Kei, Black Tortoise

    Metatron's Will
    Aka WoM
    Recovers the action bar by 35% with an attack.
    Increases critical rate by 25% with an attack (Accumulated up to 5 times).

    A stone so powerful, so obnoxious, that it helped lead a lot of the changes to the action bar mechanics. It is still severely strong for the units that abuses it, being the stone that recovers the most action bar, and a stackable secondary effect, it makes "infinite" units extremely powerful, by getting close to that 80% Action Bar cap and easily stacking those critical rates.

    Notable units that uses this stone: Shu, Milky Way, Vonchi

    Paradise of Light
    Aka PoL
    Increases game reward EXP by 100% (Individual).
    Increases the MAX HP and the Attack Power by 35%.

    Now the initial effect makes the stone seem like a joke, since it seems like it should be used on units that are not maxed out. However the HP and Attack Power is where the stone really shines. It gives both effective offense and defense and is a a good stone for almost every unit in the game that has a light slot. Not saying it will be the most optimal stone, but it will always have it's place.

    Notable units that uses this stone: Kiki, Yuri, Nerua, Magnus

    Thousand Watchers
    Aka TW
    Increases Attack Power by 70% when attacked.
    Increases reflexes by 25%

    Once again, another powerful light stone. The only unique stone that offers reflex, giving it high value already. The increase attack power is highly valuable to units that want to be attacked for a chance of a counter attack. Perfect stone for units in the middle position of the front or mid line.

    Notable units that uses this stone: Lia, Metatron, Bell, Sammy

    Aka Batt
    Decreases the inflicted damage by 45% when you have the ball.
    Increases the Attack Power by 60% when attacked.

    This stone has quite a bit of similarity as the Thousand Watchers, however it provides more defense. The 45% damage reduction when holding the ball makes the unit holding it much more durable from multiple steal attempts. It helps for units that want to be in the same spot as TW users, but do not have access to a light stone slot, and wants to be attacked more than most units.

    Notable units that uses this stone: Metatron, Jury, Linmay

    Encompassing Soul
    Aka ES
    Increases the critical damage by 25%.
    Recovers by 25% of the inflicted damage with a critical hit.

    Just a bias opinion, but this is my idea of the worse unique stone in the game. This is literally a slightly better version of the dark rare crit damage stone and it suffers from the same problem as Blazing Essence, where anyone who uses this stone have better options elsewhere.
    However, that is for PvP, the stone truly shines in PvE where healing has it's full benefits and critical reduction is kept low. It helps with strikers and attackers that want to stack damage and can easily get above 100% crit rate(Which is everyone later in the game).
    - Thanks Aokuro!
    Notable units that uses this stone: Jheet, Lucid (PvE)

    Essence of Greed
    Aka EoG
    Recovers the action bar and spirit by 25% with an attack.
    Increases the receiving pass effect by 35%.

    The unique thing to note about this stone is that it also recover spirit bar as well as action bar. This stone is strong for units that could use that boost in ability to act, but it's mainly for the spirit recovery. It goes well with units that want to use spirits to use their actives and then contribute to recovering it again, often leader types.

    Notable units that uses this stone: Frejya, Avnore, Ravian

    Fontus's Tissue Sample
    Aka Fontus
    Increases dribble by 45%.
    Increases counterattack resistance by 60%.

    This stone has hugely changed attackers into three categories, totem based, fontus users and everyone else. The 60% counter attack resistance severely helps low reflex attackers from getting countered by the 2000 reflex+ behemoths in the midline. The 45% dribble is a huge extra boost. Pretty much any attacker that runs a dark slot is obligated to using this stone, unless they have enough reflex or counter attack resistance of their own.

    Notable units that uses this stone: Dale, Hildegard, Roina, Vivid Fear
    Thanks for Reading!
    Images and stone information came with the help of the following fan made site
    For all purpose of the event Hive ID: Keeluah
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      Good guide. Just a small correction, Jin cannot use Ermaltion, he can use Protection of Mother Earth though.


      • Keeluah
        Keeluah commented
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        Thanks, editted. Was about 60% sure, but was too lazy to look up his stone slot, just assumed :P

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      About Glabaris, I used it on Mickeal in defense and it's powerfull.
      And for Blazing Essence, it works fine to on Anael in defense with the free turn
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        A really solid guide!


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          I like this guide, helps explain for new players. Personally I use ES on Lynia because she crits all the time, and I need a FTS. It's nice tho that She basically heals all her damage after attacking.


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            a very helpful guide


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              beth is not mantioned in any uniq...


              • Keeluah
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                Well to me Beth doesn't appear to be a stand out in any of the unique stone usages. It's not like she needs a certain stone in order to function or that she's one of the few units that can use said stone. However if you do want to know what she uses, being a mid line leader you can infer she will want reflex, so TW is a good stone. With the fact that she also has a stackable passive and AB regen, you can also run WoM on her.

              • anyroddick87
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                pol not good?

              • Keeluah
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                Alright if you have it, just not optimal.

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              Encompassing Soul really shines in PvE where you really want to stack crit damage instead of crit rate to maximize your OHKO potential.
              (Since PvE goalies tend to have low crit res)


              • aokuro
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                The most notable unit I can think of for this use case is Lucid.

                Although all strikers with a dark slot can use it. (More relevant to strikers with a dark slot but without a blue slot).

              • Keeluah
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                Thanks for your input! I editted it into my guide and provided you some credit.

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              Thanks for taking the time to hash this guide out (I especially like the notable units portions)


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                I'd like to note that Blazing Essence, while recommended on attackers, also shines on Leaders who you want to be penetrating. One of the few times I've seen it include Virgil, who will thrive with spirit generation upon penetration.


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                  Good guide, thanks


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                    Lucid is a very notable user of WoM. Choi tends to use IC in many cases. Verister is fairly annoying with TW. #1 gk that uses PoME and you didn't list him....Jin. Khirel tends to use TB or EC. Seen Askeladd use Prey's. Nute also uses Star Tears. Depending on the role, Linmay can use EBM.


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                      this should get a sticky imo


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                        Yikes. I got mixed up with the shortcut name of the stones. That aside, I use EBM for Luka since I run on a ST-Luka-Silla front line. I guess there are other scenarios that players would like to pick unique stones with but some really need that stone as it suits their roles.

                        Excellent unique stone guide.

                        PS: My ST is William.